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August 20, 2014 Acharya Rita M. Gross, author of Religious Diversity, What’s the Problem? Buddhist Advice for Flourishing with Religious Diversity

August 28, 2014 James David Parker, magician, teacher of nonduality.

September 3, 2014 Justin Forrest Miles, therapist, hiphop artist, writer

September 10, 2014 Donnalou Stevens, singer, songwriter, musician, former facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s inquiries.

September 17 To be announced

September 24 Vicki Woodyard

October 1 David Newman (Durga Das), kirtan chant artist, sacred singer/songwriter, practioner and educator of Bhakti Yoga, author of The Timebound Traveler  (Non-Duality Press)

October (to be confirmed) Johanne McInnis, Bernie Francis

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#5245 – Interview with Steve Ford

Edited by Jerry Katz

Steve’s website is invitationtobeing.org

Steve’s new book is Walking Awake:


The story of Steve Ford’s realisation is unusual. One night in his room in 1999 there was a total falling away of all identification as the personal self. It was unusual in the sense that Steve had no prior experience of spiritual seeking. He had neither teacher nor guru, no paradigm which would explain what had happened. All vestiges of personality were suddenly gone, there was direct and immediate seeing as and from no-thing, from the absolute.

Such accounts exist within the spiritual literature and in each case there appears to follow a period of relative dysfunctionality and subsequent reintegration such that what has happened may be understood and conveyed within the world of form.

In Steve’s case this took the form of an exhaustive investigation in consciousness which he eventually came to refer to as The Living Process. He explains that realisation is just the beginning and unless subsequent investigation into the nature of consciousness takes place there is re-identification and consequently self-orientation around no-thing. Many contemporary teachers and their students relate in this way.

So what follows in this introductory book is the story of Steve’s early life, his realisation, enquiry and integration in consciousness, and some interactions that have taken place with some of those who have made their way to be with Steve.

From the Foreword by Nathan Gill


Click here to read a sample from Walking Awake 

126 pages, Paperback, 5′ x 8′.

ISBN: 978-1-908664-44-0

Steve Ford on Nonduality Talk Radio Today 12:30pm EST


My guest on Nonduality Talk Radio this Wednesday, August 13, at 12:30pm EST, will be Steve Ford (photo). Steve’s website is www.invitationtobeing.org/.

Listen around the world via www.ckdu.ca

Steve says, “My awareness is established in the knowing of itself. There simply is direct experience of what is happening now from the true experiencer which is the formless awareness. It’s empty … without attachment, which means all the other expressions of the mind, heart and body begin to imitate that knowing without there being an “I,” just direct experience. Realization lives in relation to one, but it’s not one, it’s realization of one, which is waking up. The more one becomes established in that, the more one sees how attention moves in everything as the true experiencer without it being anyone.”

Andrew MacNab will join me in the studio as co-host, with Mandee Labelle and James Traverse likely popping in to join us, and together we’ll all figure out what Steve is talking about. Tune in and listen!

Robin Williams Passes Away – Interesting Memorabilia


Photo: Robin Williams in the 70s

Meeting Robin Williams

by Jerry Katz

Back in 1975 I tried stand-up comedy for about a year. I mostly performed on Sunday nights at the Improv in West Hollywood. Sunday was open-mike night and if you wanted to perform you had to line-up outside the Improv. The first 12 or so people in line would get to perform. You had to get in line around 6pm.

Once we have about a dozen people in line, we didn’t want to stay there until they let us in at 9pm, so we would write our names on a sheet of paper according to our place in the line. We would then go our own way and get back in line around 9pm according to the list.

On one of those nights, for some reason, I kept the list of names and when I re-discovered it, I saw that one of the guys who signed it became very famous. Robin Williams, who passed away today:


I’d gladly donate this memorabilia to a Williams family member or the Improv nightclub if either finds it of interest and value.

Here is the other side of the slip of paper along with more detailed photos:




20140813_174830[1] 20140813_175342[1] 20140813_175347[1]

#5244 – Interview with Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd is best known as the author of New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century.

He has worked as a writer, actor, workshop leader, director, editor, personal coach, house builder, dance dramaturge, teacher and lecturer.

Philip currently lives with his wife and two daughters in a home he designed and built in a little car-free community on an island south of Toronto.

Learn all about Philip’s writings, workshops, and other activities at www.philipshepherd.com

Here are the themes we talked about, most of which are discussed in his book:

“As you experience the body, so you experience the world.” History of our relationship to the body and how it changed beginning with the Neolithic revolution.

Philip discusses the meaning of nonduality and duality. We have lost the ability to integrate perspectives, he says. It is as if the secret of life is in the union of opposites.

Parmenides, Heraclitus and western philosophy. The smallest indivisible unit is the cosmos itself. A thought experiment showing how all is interconnected. Yet we feel separate.

Philip’s life in Toronto, what he’s doing in Nova Scotia. His family. Parenting.

His teenage crisis, questioning his education and the culture in which he was being raised. Standing at a crossroads in his life. Powerful effect of seeing Japanese Noh theatre. Architecture.

Stories on what it means to be human. Meaning of hara in Japanese culture and relation to Noh and the journey back.

Parenting. Each child has within it an elder who knows what it needs, to paraphrase an Inuit expression. “Child’s particular hunger.” It’s easy to “slam a door on a child’s awakening.” The effect of saying “No” to a child. The heart of nonduality.

Nature of Philip’s workshops: coming into relationship with the world. What you experience lives in your core. “It’s such an easy way to be.”

Philip leads the listener in the exercise called “the elevator shaft,” moving the center of your awareness down through the body. Reanimating the sensitivity in the pelvic bowl.

Philip’s book New Self, New World, how it was written. Philip reads from his book. More about Philip’s workshops.

Opening and closing music by Prosad. (Byron Bay and I Am Free, respectively.)



Philip Shepherd on Nonduality Talk Radio at 12:30pm EST

Today, Wednesday, August 6, I’m interviewing Philip Shepherd on Nonduality Talk Radio at 12:30pm EST, streaming live on www.ckdu.ca. Philip will be in the studio with me for a live conversation.

Here are some quotes from Philip:

“We were born to live in partnership with the world.”
“As you experience the body, so you experience the world.
“Being comes first, doing arises out of being.”

Philip’s the author of New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the 21st Century. You can find out about Philip and his book at www.philipshepherd.com.