#5297 – Gabor Harsanyi

Gabor Harsanyi spoke to us from Budapest, Hungary. His website is https://silentroargh.wordpress.com. Gabor is a spiritual coach who frees people from thought addiction, allowing consciousness to awaken and to become the real guide. Gabor guides people by observing and exposing any and every thought form or belief that tries to keep their human mind in control and usurp the power the NOW.

00:00 – 06:50 Introduction to Gabor Harsanyi. The main job of a teacher is protect the student from the mind. Most teaching happens in the “being” state rather than the intellectual. However the intellectual approach serves to point the student toward certain values such as simplicity. Gabor describes the intimate process between teacher and student.

06:50 – 09:33 What is meant by sameness in a world where differences are valued?

09:33 – 14:00 Is there a choice to value sameness or differences? How does the mind handle that?

14:00 – 21:40 The importance of the embodiment of the experience of nonduality. We are connecting to the universal power that runs our body.

21:40 – 31:04 Further exploration of the embodiment of the memory of a nondual experience and in which time is transcended and nonduality or presence is known and takes root so that a person can function on a day to day basis. This is normal, simple being, not magical, from which all lives, and society, could be built. You must live from this nondual perspective or the mind will take the experience back.

31:04 – 43:35 Native American spirituality. Sweat lodge experience. Hot yoga. Some of Gabor’s spiritual biography: Ramtha school of enlightenment. Gathering of concepts. Living with a shaman in Ecuador where no English was spoken and therefore no concepts could be gathered. Ayahuasca experience. “In spite of all my knowledge, how come I don’t know anything?” “I saw that simplicity is not in the concepts.”

43:35 – 53:17 Following your heart. Why is it simpler to communicate the simplicity of the experience of sameness? “The magnetic field of the planet is changing … and influences human openness.” Trading financial markets according to fluctuations in earth’s magnetic field. Some details of trading futures on the New York exchanges. If you want to see if you’re enlightened play the stock market. Don’t play the game they want you to play, that way you will be able to see financial indicators clearly and follow your plan. Therefore even making money requires staying in the moment.

53:17 – 59:07 Aikido as practice for dealing with financial markets. In other words, you have to respond to the market “coming at you.” Trading software discussed. “Between money management and staying centered, you basically got it made.” “Simplicity makes the money.”

59:07 – 1:08:01 Simplicity versus the simplification movement. Simplification is mind based. Simplicity is out of inner silence. Concluding words.

#5296 – Cecilia Weiss

Cecilia Weiss is a wife, mother, author and editor. She lives in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India where she is an active participant in the Auroville Nondual Meetup Group, whose primary facilitators are her husband Didier Weiss, who I interviewed here, and Anamika Borst, who was interviewed here.

Cecilia edited Anamika’s book, Life At Zero Distance, and is currently editing a book by Didier on nondual teachings. Cecilia has written books for young learners of French through the simple and complex vowel sounds of the French language (Rimes et assonances en Français / Phonics in French). Cecilia spoke from Besançon, France, where her daughter is receiving medical attention for Tourette syndrome.

In this passionate and authentic sharing we talk about her daughter’s struggle with Tourette syndrome, and the journey to actualism and headlessness via experiences with the Finders Course.


00:00 – 07:07 Music by Prosad. Introduction to Cecilia Weiss. Cecilia’s daughter’s struggle with Tourette syndrome discussed.

7:07 – 12:03 Enjoying spending three months in Besançon, France. Hearing thunder and rain. How Cecilia and Didier found themselves living in Auroville, India. Moving through life in response to what comes and what is right and ripe.

12:03 – 16:00 Cecilia’s childhood known by an innate sense of happiness which has sustained throughout life. More rain in the background! Responding to life. Recent discovery of the sense of how life and events are impersonal.

16:00 – 19:23 Experiencing an earthquake of understanding when attending the Science and Nonduality Conference in 2012 (SAND2012). Value of listening to podcasts of teachers.

19:23 – 24:06 Times prior to the ripeness for SAND2012. A miscarriage and meeting Ramesh Balsekar around 2000. In current times importance of listening to interviews as reminders to just be, let things go, no need to go into the story of the poor me.

24:06 – 25:19 Value of the Auroville meetup group. Being this being-ness.

25:19 – 29:25 Reviewing experience with Ramesh. In-person meetings with Unmani and Karen Richards and their influence. Rupert Spira’s help in clarifying what this is all about.

29:25 – 36:13 Discovering the Finders Course as a resolution to her remaining misconceptions about waking up. Concerns that the Finders Course could require a degree of letting go that would interfere with day to day life. The drowning of the me.

36:13 – 37:39 Release of life energy when the “baggage” is unloaded.

37:39 – 43:18 What does the Finders Course do? Actualism. Let’s you find what resonates with you to bring clarity.

43:18 – 46:39 Unlearning. Abandoning what blocks clarity. Finders Course further discussed.

46:39 – 49:00 The headless way and riding a bicycle or running or whatever is happening.

49:00 – Life after the Finders Course. Writing what comes. Full of wonder. Editing nondual books. Desire to share that one can be happy. Concluding words. Music by Prosad.

Finders Course: https://www.facebook.com/finders.course
Auroville Nondual Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/Auroville-Nondual-Meetup-Group/
Tourette Syndrome: http://www.tsa-usa.org/Medical/whatists.html
Phonics in French: http://www.amazon.com/Cecilia-Weiss/e/B00MCDG1XS

~ ~ ~

Random hand of cards 26/06/15

by Cecilia Weiss

Like a castle of cards
the “me” falls apart and disintegrates
when it is Seen and Known
once and for all
that the “me” castle is imaginary,
only and simply made of cards
ruffled and reshuffled
according to the Law of Chances
so utterly and completely at random.

The cards may come out of their box,
be dealt and cut in neat stacks
and reshuffled
any number of times.

And the card castle may tumble
at any now
any number of times.

The cards remain unconcerned and unaffected
while in turn standing in the air,
leaning against one another
or piled up like a small mess all ruffled up
while waiting for the next reshuffling
or going back to their deck.

It is a no brainer.
Playing happening.
This is no master mind and no headache.
No losers, no winners.
No winning, no losing.

It would never come to a castle’s mind
to blame or to praise the Law of Chances
that takes a chance each time it plays its laws
according to some divine plan
the cards may not conceive,
for how could they?

Each castle gets a deck of cards to play with.
Random order…

Only IT is constant in any random hand of cards
and remains the same
whether a King or the Queen, a Jack or a Joker
an Ace or any significant or insignificant number…
whatever the suit club, diamond, heart or spade.

What is IT?
The back of the cards.

#5295 – Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis is a singer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, currently best known for her karaoke performances at the Lions Head pub and tavern.

Beverly sings about four songs (actually CD tracks with guitar backing).

The following topics are discussed:

What do you love about karaoke?

What makes Laurie the Guy’s karaoke special?

Karaoke as community.

Beverly’s background, singing as a child and teenager. Member of Nova Scotia Mass Choir. Singing gospel.

Influence of the African-Canadian community.

Medical crisis and how that changed Beverly’s creative course to become a filmmaker.

Beverly’s start in karaoke and her current experience.

Beverly’s grandmother Bubba and her influence.


Losing her virginity.

Jerry Katz and Mary-Jean co-host.

#5294 – Nurit Oren

Nurit Oren lives in Budapest, Hungary where she lives with her Hungarian husband Gabor Harsanyi who lectures all over Hungary and who is Nurit’s spiritual guide.

Her story is summarized in a few short videos:


A more detailed version of her story and revealings from presence will appear soon in her upcoming book, The Blind Leading The Blonde On The Road To Freedom. The website for Nurit’s and Gabor’s work which includes the videos, is https://silentroargh.wordpress.com/


00:00 – 02:25 Introduction.

02:25 – 07:25 The thirst for freedom. Being in the Israeli army. Reading Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. Learning that all knowledge is outside, not inside. Nature of the dualistic mind. Desire to know truth. Moments of truth.

07:25 – 12:25 Value of a teacher in exploring and staying with the moments of presence. The experience of false gurus and experiences with them.

12:25 – 16:14 “The mind does not want true peace but something inside us does.” Some people pursue spiritual experience and adventure rather than truth itself.

16:14 – 18:48 Pursuing both the entertainment aspect of spirituality and the true aspect at the same time. The false guru is detrimental because concepts are taught rather than experience being made available.

18:48 – 24:18 Being grounded in your own being and living from there. Relationship with an unawakened teacher. What does it mean to live “that way?” Speaking and living from presence rather than mind. Allowing yourself to feel the inner presence.

24:18 – 29:10 Nurit talks about Gabor as having the ability to awaken presence and to protect you from your own mind. The mind doesn’t do a good job of “running the show” and tends to resist what Gabor or another teacher like him is awakening.

29:10 – 32:06 Nurit talks about her upcoming book, The Blind Leading The Blonde On The Road To Freedom. Nurit’s initial meetings with Gabor and how she resisted, and what she was drawn to.

32:06 – 34:35 The spiritual ego. Seeing Gabor again after two and one-half years, from a place of non-resistance.

34:35 – 38:10 A peace that is not even an experience. Chasing spiritual experiences.

38:10 – 42:04 Losing the home ground of presence and regaining it. Being with and embodying the body,emotions, thoughts, allowing them to be there.

42:04 – 45:18 Talking about what Nurit liked and found difficult about writing her book. Helping the reader avoid false teachings.

45:18 – 49:07 Gurus are making a lot of money these days. But some of it helps and is real. “If it’s an outer impression that dazzles you it’s not good enough.” It’s simple. You already have it. This life is like a game in which we are given distractions and have to figure out what the home ground is.

49:07 – Brief chat with Gabor Harsanyi.

#5293 – Israel Sushman

Photo: Nancy Murray and Israel Sushman

Israel Sushman lives in Los Angeles where he is a social media marketer and experiences an eclectic spiritual life. His website is www.isushman.com. We talk about Israel’s spiritual journey, who and what appeals to him and why.

00:00 – 07:07 Opening music by Prosad www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction to Israel Sushman. Israel’s recent meeting with Amma www.amma.org and his experience with her beginning in 1988. How Israel met her. Bringing Amma to Los Angeles. How his Jewish traditon bears on understanding the energy of Amma.

07:07 – 14:00 Israel’s early life and experiences. Enjoying going to synagogue as a child. Open nature of Jewish religion in which he was brought up. College interests and activities in the late 60s. Psychedelic. Ram Dass. Timothy Leary.

14:00 – 18:00 Moving to Israel. Discover of Ram Dass’ Be Here Now. Desire to go to India leads to two month journey from Istanbul through other countries and into India.

18:00 – 25:58 Living in Swami Muktananda’s ashram. Power of Muktananda, experiences, and opinions. Muktananda’s guru Nityananda mentioned.

25:58 – 26:56 Returning to the United States in 1973. Living in New Mexico. Following Muktananda throughout the U.S. Wanting the high of being with a guru is like being on a drug. Scandals with Muktananda.

26:56 – 28:53 Leaving Muktananda’s group and getting into the totally opposite direction of drugs and partying. Chasing the high. Nondual approach of accepting what is.

28:53 – 33:25 Moving back into the Muktananda ashram in order to get sober. The desire for a special experience. 12-step program, family, work, spiritual explorations. Relationship with Amma.

33:25 – 40:56 Reviewing Israel’s history. Illness leading to his discovery of and relationship with Leonard Jacobson www.leonardjacobson.com. Israel’s eclectic interests.

40:56 – 44:38 Israel’s Rabbi discussed: Rabbi Mordecai Finley www.rabbifinley.com/. Appeal to the mind. Identification with ideas as a detriment.

44:38 – 55:00 Experience at AA, at synagogue, with Ammaji people, with various groups. Israel’s work in social media marketing. Judaism offering Eastern-like spiritual studies. Concluding remarks. Closing music by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com/

Israel Sushman: www.isushman.com