#5312 – James Traverse – November 11, 2015

James Traverse lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he teaches yoga and nonduality. His new book is Homeground: Head to Heart, which may be downloaded free at www.beingyoga.com


00:00 – 07:20 Introduction to James Traverse. Recognition of Remembrance Day. Nonduality as a self-remembering. Meaning of title of James’s book, Homeground: Head to Heart. Limitations of intellectual knowing of nonduality. Feeling-based knowing as more difficult to unveil than intellectual knowing. His book is an unveiling of the substance of duality.

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#5310 – Jeanne Ripley – October 28, 2015

This interview was broadcast live on October 28, 2015, in the studio of CKDU at Dalhousie University: www.ckdu.ca.

Jeanne Ripley is the author of the channeled book, Love – The Fabric of Creation. Jeanne can be contacted at jeanneripley@outlook.com. Jeanne’s blog is at www.jeanneripley.wordpress.com where you can read excerpts from her book.  Continue reading

#5308 – Bruce Morgen

Bruce Morgen is an Nonduality Internet legend whose contributions go back to the bulletin board days of the 80s. This is his first interview. We mainly talk about life and the value of the nondual perspective, and Bruce also recounts his story that led to nondual realization. He’s fascinating, clear, interesting guy to listen to.

There is additional material not included which will appear either as an extended version of this interview or as a separate interview.

Bruce’s writings may be read at atman.net/realization/

His personal Facebook page is www.facebook.com/bruce.morgen?fref=ts and Bruce’s Ambushed Mystic page is www.facebook.com/BruceMorgenNicoleHales?ref=br_rs

Weeds and Lawns

Weeds are not problematic, they’ve earned their livelihood through adaptation — lawns are another matter entirely.

(An excerpt from – Listening-I email list)
-Bruce Morgen