#5288 – Sybil Barrington interviewed by Greg Goode

Sybil Barrington interviewed by Dr. Greg Goode on May 11, 2015, in Hamilton, Bermuda. The evening before was the show “Sybil Returns,” at Bermuda’s Hamilton City Hall.

The topic turns to diunitality, or “crossroads” as Mark calls it.

Mark Anderson is the man behind The Queen of Bermuda, Sybil Barrington. Sybil is one of the world’s most prominent drag artists and entertainers. Greg has known Sybil for about 20 years.

In 2010 Sybil was named one of the 100 most influential gay entertainers, whose mission “is to enhance and foster what matters most: creating a level of understanding and respect between heterosexuals and homosexuals by providing the clear understanding of the true hearts of gay people who desire to live in peace and harmony among others; basic human rights are afforded to all people, regardless of who they are and the preferences they make in life; and for all gay people to be considered as a respectable, contributing part of society.”
from bernews.com/2010/12/sybil-named…y-entertainer-list/

Cue Sheet for the Sybil Interview

= Introduction =

1:45 – Having a positive attitude

4:30 – Bermuda and the sexual revolution

5:20 – Discos, clubs and sessions

7:20 – How Sybil first got into drag – the dressing came before the concept

10:00 – Trips to New York

10:40 – “Crossovers and crossroads” as metaphors for diunitality

= Coming to New York=

11:00 – Makeup, self-esteem, lipsynching, coming to New York

12:00 – Coming to perform Patti LaBelle

13:30 – Clarisse Taylor (from The Cosby Show) assisting Sybil’s career

14:30 – The cultural and personal importance of Harlem

16:00 – The evolution of the “Sybil” character

19:00 – Forming the performance group “Illusions”

23:00 – A teaching lineage for the arts of dressing and performing

24:30 – Lena Horne!!!

26:00 – The breakup of the Illusions

27:30 – The true meaning of friendship

= Back to Bermuda =

29:30 – Returning to Bermuda, the importance of family

= Social Activism =

34:00 – Dealing with his history and sexual discrination in Bermuda

36:00 – Taking a stand for gay identity at the Bermuda Day Parade in 2005

42:00 – Application denied to do a show at City Hall, the “Carnegie Hall” of Bermuda, where there had been discrimination of various kinds.

44:00 – In Bermuda, “everything is black and white.”

46:00 – Legislation passed in 2013 against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation; activity in various charities

48:00 – A charity walk for “Center Against Abuse” (www.centreagainstabuse.bm/)

49:38 – A triumphant return to City Hall, in the show “Sybil Returns” on Mother’s Day at City Hall, where she was denied several years earlier, funds to go in support of the Centre Against Abuse. (www.royalgazette.com/article/201505…NEWS/150509906)

50:30 – Sybil’s commitment to helping the “unwanted boy or unwanted girl out there who had been abandoned by their loved ones”

51:00 – Many Bermudians consider Sybil to be an ambassador for Bermuda

#5287 – Chani ft. Mandee Moon

Chani (see photo) lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she is a co-organizer at Nonduality Satsang www.nonduality.ca.

Mandee Moon is also a co-organizer of Nonduality Satsang and teaches Yoga and Yoga teacher training in Halifax: www.yogaheart.ca

00:00 – 06:58 Opening theme music by Prosad, www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction to Chani. Nature of the teaching of nonduality. New Age. Transcending duality and nonduality. Missing the present. The ongoing practice of paying attention to what you’re doing. The joy is always present but we miss by either fighting or fleeing. Distractions from the current and present joy.

06:58 – 14:45 An audio of Gerald Epstein speaking on becoming free: www.youtube.com/watch?v=he8uqyUN2r0. The outside world as a reflection of what’s going on inside ourselves. Osho’s thoughts discussed. People tend to want to work on the outside world rather than the inside.

14:45 – 21:20 Discovering unpleasant things within one and also seeing how we are all interconnected. We tend to put blame on the outside but need to take responsibility by looking within. Questioning everything and seeing where the other person is coming from. The demand to keep looking within.

21:20 – 26:06 The fascination with so-called enlightened people. What is the real you? The wholeness of experience while feeling separate.

26:06 – 41:39 In The Light of Love, by Deva Premal www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcXIq2yj008. Mandee Moon joins us via phone. A few major insights from quantum theory as cited in Quantum Physics: Sensing Unbroken Wholeness, by Judith Bluestone Polich, Excerpt from Return of the Children of Light, Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World
(pp. 97 -0 101) www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/…xpressionofspirA/. The value of questioning. It’s almost as though consciousness is looking at consciousness. Quantum theory leaves you more open.

41:39 – 47:08 Science can describe how things work but they don’t know what “it” is. Who is creating? People as a label. We think our labels are the reality. We can drop all our labels for a moment to feel the peace.

47:08 – 49:29 What would you be without labels? Mandee talks about the nondual nature of her Yoga classes. Yoga as a direct path from here to here.

49:29 – Guided meditation from Chani. Concluding words. Closing theme music by Prosadwww.prosadmusic.com

#5286 – Jen Peer Rich

My guest is Jen Peer Rich in Atlanta, Georgia. Jen is a graduate student at Naropa Institute, a writer whose books are available at www.friendsinpresence.com. Jen is delightfully active on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jen.peerrich?fref=ts. And you’ll see that she is one of the most articulate speakers on nondual culture. Jen’s primary interest is ecopsychology. Jen writes, “Ecopsychology says that humans suffer from various stress and dysfunction because we have lost touch with our connection to nature with the industrial revolution of the last 300 years. Modern society is a breeding ground for disconnection and distraction. What I appreciate in this is a new lens to examine how we humans get so lost in our varying identities and beliefs. By restoring ecological sanity, that is knowing myself (I would suggest through a fundamental clearing with inquiry) as fundamentally connected to life and all expressions of life, we naturally stop objectifying and abusing the earth because we see it as our very own self.”


00:00 – 07:30 Opening theme by Prosad: www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction. Talking about nature and Earth. Noticing how interconnected we all are. Jen’s studies at the Naropa Institute. Jen speaks of her awakening experience, awakening to herself and life. The desire to understand how we are removed from this awakening. The calling to study ecopsychology. Jen’s Facebook presence at https://www.facebook.com/jen.peerrich?fref=ts. Jen’s relationship with her spouse Iris.

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#5285 – Alexander Pappas

My guest on the phone from Berkeley, California is Alexander Pappas. Alex is a retired community college teacher of world religion and author of the new book Heaven and Nirvana: Duality and Nonduality in the World Religions. For information on buying this book write Alex at alex.pappas@yahoo.com.

00:00 – 04:02 Opening music by Prosad, www.prosadmusic.com. Introduction to Alex Pappas and his book Heaven and Nirvana: Duality and Nonduality in the World Religions. Alex reviews his book while telling how his book is different from other text books on world religions.

04:02 – 05:03 Why are universities hesitant to teach nonduality of world religions?

05:03 – 08:47 Alex Pappas compares dualistic and nondualistic views of reality via the world religions.

08:47 – 11:21 Comments on why college teachers of world religions don’t emphasize nondual teachings. “It’s only been the last few years that nonduality has come out of the closet…” Alex talks about his experiences with Vedanta, Alan Watts, psychedelics, and nonduality, going back to 1954.

11:21 – 14:42 The nature of the journey to nonduality.

14:42 – 17:35 The importance of study and paths beyond. Satchitananda.

17:35 – 24:08 The nonduality of macrobiotics discussed.

24:08 – 31:58 The nonduality of theosophy.

31:58 – 38:06 The types of Yoga discussed.

38:06 – 43:08 Buddhist principles discussed.

43:08 – Concluding words on macrobiotics and Alex’s book Heaven and Nirvana: Duality and Nonduality in the World Religions. Closing music by Prosad.

I highly recommend Alex’s book. To purchase a copy contact him at alex.pappas@yahoo.com

#5284 – Mal Amal & Tucker Bottomley

Mal Amal and Tucker Bottomley are making a documentary entitled Nothing To Forgive. It is about Mal’s complex and full journey of healing arising from the emotional and physical abuse he received from his female ex-partner. Mal calls it a nondualistic love story. Mal is a musician. Tucker has described himself as “a transgender person, actor, writer, musician, filmmaker and seeker from Halifax, Nova Scotia.”

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