#5263 – Portrait of a Nonduality Teacher: Ethics, transparency, forgiveness, and other themes arising from recent events

Edited by Jerry Katz, mostly from posts made to the Nonduality Highlights group on Facebook.

On Facebook I asked (paraphrasing), “In light of the revelation that Fred Davis was charged and found guilty of child molestation, should the recent interview with Fred be deleted?” Included in that interview was one of Fred’s clients, Gary Falk.

Here is a series of articles and posts responding to that question. Gary Falk’s article about his encounter with Fred is included here. As the thread grew, the question of whether the interview should be deleted slipped away and the focal points became the matters of transparency and ethics. In any case, I can tell you the interview will not be deleted.


Excerpt from Fred Davis’ admission of what happened
The Gary Unit Meets The Fredness: The Story of an Awakening, by Gary Falk
Forgiveness, compassion, social implications, human imperfection
Authority, trust, and a culture of sexual violence
The question of ethics
A matter of clarity
Fred not endorsed by some
Scott’s Transparency Journal, By Scott Kiloby
Let there be total transparency: Anamika’s confessions
The case of Chogyam Trungpa considered
Julian Noyce: There is a pressing need for discrimination
If nonduality does not evolve into a wisdom of inter being…

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#5261 – Fred Davis with Gary Falk

After this interview Fred made an admission about criminal activity in his past, which led to a lengthy conversation on Facebook, summarized here: http://nonduality.org/2014/11/22/5263-ethics-transparency-forgiveness-and-other-themes-arising-from-recent-events/

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