Nonduality on Wikipedia

Have you seen the article on nonduality in the wikipedia? It’s listed under nondualism. Read it here:

The article has lots of gaps to fill. I’m not going to point to any of them, nor will I tell you what I’ve contributed. I’ll only say that if you have any extra time, jump in and contribute something.

There should be several pages on wikipedia for nonduality or nondualism. One for each of the traditions. One for each of the nondual perspectives. One for practices. There are so many ways to break down the topic.

What is needed is an encyclopedia of nonduality, compiled by a number of selected authors. It would be a monumental work, wouldn’t it?

It feathers into the topic of getting books published. I’ll address that in the next entries.

One thought on “Nonduality on Wikipedia

  1. 2ericc

    Yes, I’ve seen it. I’ve visited that topic several times in the recent past, and must confess to inserting a brief entry under the nondual Christian section, about Christian Science. It was a short paragraph initially, but several other visitors elected to edit and reduce my entry. I attempted once to restore it to its earlier original, but it got reduced severely by a self described Buddhist computer geek who apparently knows more about Christian Science than I do (even though it has been my spiritual practice for many decades). Oh well. I’m happy enough with it’s present rendering, which likely came from a third party.

    I’m glad to see growing interest in nonduality across the globe. Thanks, Jerry, for taking on the topic in all of its grandeur as your lifetime project.



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