Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 1

Over the years I’ve received many emails asking me where and how to get nonduality books published.

By far, within the nonduality literary genre, the number one way is to self-publish. A second publishing avenue is to get a “real” publisher to handle your book. A third way is to get a “real” publisher and to share publishing expenses with them. A fourth way is to get a literary agent. A fifth way is an enhancement of self-publishing: starting a serious publishing company.

The literary agent route is best. The second best way is to share publication expenses with an established publisher. The third best way is to have the publisher handle all expenses. The least successful way of publishing, in my opinion, is to self-publish and try to do everything yourself.

You can also start your own serious publishing company. You would do some of the work yourself and outsource whatever you are not expert at: editing, proofreading, index writing, book design, public relations, fulfillment of orders. Heck, you can even outsource the writing of the book by a ghost writer, if you want.

I’ll talk about these options in upcoming entries. I’m going to start by talking about self-publishing compared to starting your own serious publishing company, and where the line between the two exists.

4 thoughts on “Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 1

  1. 2ericc

    Hi Jerry,

    I started a small publishing company in the early 80’s and brought out two volumes of poetry and essays, both written by friends. It was a fun project, but very intensive in those days before desktop publishing.

    Handling all the details eventually wore me out. The new technology called print/publish-on-demand appears to make the logistics vastly simpler. It allows a small publisher to order copies as readers order them — even one at a time. This costs a little more per unit, but reduces the inventory problem. (Having a garage full of books is a drag in the winter, when your car is out in the snow!!!) I printed 2000 copies of each book, and both sold out. But then I went on to other things. Hey, self publishing works for the indy music scene. It can work for books, too.



  2. nonduality Post author

    Hi Eric,

    You did well, selling 4000 copies altogether. What I’m going to write about is the line between self-publishing and starting a full blown publishing company. The latter is a form of self-publishing on a grander scale.

    I’ll refer to the advantage of print on demand. Where I want to take this series on nonduality publishing is toward the value of getting a literary agent. No one’s done that, as far as I know, when it comes to the people in our circle who are publishing nonduality books.

    I don’t think I’d want to start a full blown publishing company. It might be nice to run an imprint with an established publisher though. Not that I’m planning to.

    Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.



  3. 2ericc


    A book which I found very helpful was written by a woman who worked for many years in book publishing in NYC: called How to Get Happily Published, now in its fifth edition. (Initially it was authored by two woman.) They really know the territory. I found it most helpful. It’s worth consulting.

    ps: Somehow I stumbled onto this blog from the latest issue of the highlights. I didn’t know you were doing this. Is there a way to subscribe so it arrives automatically, like ndh?


  4. nonduality Post author

    I’ve heard good things about that book. There are other good books. It’s not my intention to give so much information as to compete with any book. I want to give impressions that would be useful for people writing nonduality books.

    You can get a “feed” of this blog:



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