Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 2

Where is the line between self-publishing and starting a serious publishing company? The latter is a completely developed business.

Most authors of nonduality books self-publish. Although self-publishing means you start a publishing company, usually the company is not completely developed. Nor does it have to be. Rarely would it be.

A minimal grade of development would include uploading a Word file to, and printing inexpensive copies as they are ordered. Promotion would be minimal, perhaps mention of the book in a few online forums. Books could be sold through the online store. Perhaps no professional design or editing will have been done.

A medium grade of development of a self-publishing endeavor might mean subsidy publishing with a reputable company, an attractively designed cover and interior, professional editing, promotion through online ads. iUniverse is an appropriate printer/publisher at this level.

A high grade of development would involve a high degree of professionalism at all levels: design, editing, promotion.

In starting your publishing company, create the level of development that time, money, and desire allow. Decide which of the elements of book publishing you wish to focus on. Besides writing the book, major elements to research include:

A mission statement
A website
Title writing
Subsidiary rights and other legal matters
Cover design
Interior design
Galley correction
Hiring an indexer
Printing books
Shipping books
Handling returns
Reprinting your book

The promotional elements include

Pre-publication copies
Test marketing
Getting reviews
Advertising – online and offline
Hiring a publicist
Public speaking
Radio and TV interviews
Getting a distributor
Getting your book on online bookstores such as Amazon.

Here are some useful books and websites on self-publishing:

Eric, in his comment, mentioned the book, How To Get Happily Published.

I’ve enjoyed Dan Poynter’s book, available at

A list of self-publishing books at is here. Do your own research. Check out a few from your library. Buy the ones you like.

Thousands of websites tell about self-publishing. Here are the websites of a couple of reputable book printers/publishers. They’re different. Compare their offerings.

In the next entry, a realistic and specific plan for self-publishing and promoting your nonduality book.

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