An Ellen Page Break

Before I get back to nonduality publishing, a word about Ellen Page, since she is in the news and some of the chatter around her bears on Buddhism. But mainly because she seems like a nondual chick.

Ellen attended a Buddhist high school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The school actually houses, in a single building, about 130 students ranging from pre-school to 12th grade. Neither all the teachers, nor all the students are practicing Buddhists. Get out of your mind any images of Buddhist monks in orange robes. If you walked past the school, you will see that no thing and no one seems other than ordinary.

Something that is unusual about the school is that the older students learn meditation and Yoga as part of their daily work. The values that permeate the education may be called Buddhist, but they may also be called wholly human.

From interviews I’ve seen on YouTube, Ellen seems minimally materialistic, grounded in relationships with family and friends, and appreciative of life in Nova Scotia. Ellen engages promotion without a lot of apparent fuss. Her style is spare, whether being interviewed or acting, yet deeply direct, so that she communicates in a memorable and impacting way. There’s no neurosis around her.

These are qualities of a person who lives from a nondual approach to life, which means realizing and valuing the atmosphere in which all things are interconnected. I don’t mean to put Ellen Page on a pedestal as an enlightened saint. Nova Scotia is infused with nondual spiritual traditions: Buddhist, Celtic, Hindu, Advaitin, Pagan, Yogic, Native People’s, and unaffiliated/undefined. There must be thousands in Nova Scotia whose nature is inclined toward the nondual.

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