Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 3

Here is a realistic plan for self-publishing your nonduality book. The elements include

Promotion (Blog, Newsletter, Website, Articles, system)

A few elements not included are

Customer relations

Expectations: Unless you have a powerful promotional machine, don’t expect your book to be the next Power of Now. It may become so strictly on word of mouth, but that possibility is not so firmly in your control. A realistic expectation is that you will sell one or two hundred books. Maybe a couple thousand if you take ongoing promotional efforts.

Editing: If you have the nearly one thousand dollars, get your book professionally edited. Find an editor you like, who understands your book, and with whom you work well. Don’t rely on a friend or family member to edit your book. Find out what “professional editor” means and seek one out.

Design: Get the cover and interior of your book professionally designed, if you have another thousand or so dollars. If you design these elements on your own, keep them simple. Don’t stick a flower somewhere … just because. Keep within your artistic capabilities. Again, be careful about engaging a friend/family member as designer.

Proofreading: If it’s in your budget, hire a professional proofreader. If not, this is where family and friends may be useful. They can spot errors in spelling and grammar. Read your manuscript at least a dozen times, looking for errors. In the end, your book will most likely still have a few mistakes. Correct them in future printings.

Indexing: If your book includes layers of themes and sub-themes, people, places, events, an array of happenings, rich detail, then seriously consider an index. The cost is about $4 per indexable page if you hire a professional indexer. Hire an indexer who is comfortable with the teaching of nonduality. Don’t hire just any indexer. Indexers specialize in certain subjects. However, many indexers will take any work that comes their way, regardless of subject. Indexers know that most authors figure an indexer is an indexer. An indexer who isn’t comfortable with the differences between consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, and awakening, isn’t going to be any good to you. Make personal contact with your indexer, just as you would with your book editor.

Promotion: Most authors don’t like promotion. I have made limited promotion easy for authors, free. The system includes listing of your book on the home page, one or more excerpts in the Nonduality Highlights newsletter, a blurb, possibly a review, possibly a phone interview. The Nonduality Salon email forum can also be used to announce your other promotional efforts, such as your blog, email forum, website, and public appearances. There’s no charge for any of that. If, additionally, you want a display ad on, the cost is $20 per month. Write me if you’re interested in any of these offerings.

Next entry I’m going to write about getting an established publisher for your nonduality book. I’ll list a few of them. I’ll also tell you about books that will help you write a book proposal.

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