Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 4

Want an established publisher? Who are they? How to attract them? Both topics are addressed.

How to Attract a Publisher

Write a book proposal.

An excellent book is How to Write a Book Proposal, by Michael Larsen. Read the reviews, including the negative ones. Investigate other books on the subject.

Writing a book proposal exposes you to new ways of thinking about your book, your audience, and publishing.

Publishers of Nonduality Books

Sentient Publications
Non-duality Press
Monkfish Publishing
Sounds True
O Books
Watkins Publishers
Blue Dolphin Publishing
New World Library
Beyond Description
Paragon House
Inner Directions

A couple of larger publishing houses are included in the list above. I have not included the very large publishing houses, such as Bantam, Random House, Harper.

Each publisher chooses different kinds of nonduality books. Carefully consider whether a publisher is right for your book. Some prefer submission by a literary agent. Next I’ll discuss the benefits of an agent and how to get one.

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