Upcoming in the Nonduality Highlights

The Nonduality Highlights is a newsletter published daily since 1998. YahooGroups is the host. Subscribe.

There are three editors of the text edition and one editor of the podcast edition. The three editors are Mark, Gloria, and Jerry. Dustin is the podcast editor. Each editor works independently. We don’t have meetings about what we’re going to publish.

First, I want to tell you about a new direction the Highlights is taking. Dustin, with my participation, is conducting phone interviews with nondual people. We have invested in the best electronic recording equipment and editing software. Our first interview has been completed and is now being edited. When it is published, I’ll write a separate entry for it. That should be next week.

The following are topics that are scheduled to appear in upcoming text issues of The Nonduality Highlights that I edit:

Spiritual autobiographical notes from Robert, grounded in the words of Nisargadatta.

Extracts from Dennis Waite’s new book, Enlightenment: The Path Through the Jungle.

Writings from Jeff Foster’s new work on neo-advaita, Beyond Awakening.

Excerpts from Alan Mann’s Nowletter and capacitie.org.

A review and selections from Richard Beymer’s novel/unauthorized autobiography, Impostor.

Writings from Johanthan Harrison’s We Are All One.

Poetry by David.

Selections from James W. Stelzenmuller’s The Path of Awakening: A Guide to Spiritual

Stephen Wingate’s One Life – One Heart – One Love monthly eLetter will be featured.

New websites, the Center for NonDualism in Florida, poetry by Birgit, poetry by Anna, the Jung Lexicon, Swami Lord Collins.

Excerpts from When Fear Falls Away, by Jan Frazier.

Announcement of the publication of Stewart Bitkoff’s A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment, with excerpts.

Writings from regular contributor Vicki Woodyard will appear.

Also the unknown: whatever shows up on any particular day that I feel like including in The Nonduality Highlights. So Subscribe!

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