Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 5

This entry is about getting a literary agent. If you are a serious writer and want to give your book the best shot for success, at the very least research what a literary agent can do for you. Even if you choose not to get an agent, what you will learn will help you communicate with others in your publishing adventure.

Some literary agents do understand the teaching of nonduality and are looking for books to represent. They will not require you to compromise your message.

The following books show what agents do, the fine details they take care of, and what they expect from authors.

How to Get a Literary Agent, by Michael Larsen

Literary Agents: What They Do, How They Do It, and How to Find and Work with the Right One for You, Revised and Expanded by Michael Larsen

Research the above books on and consider alternative titles, as well.

In Larsen’s How to Write a Book Proposal, mentioned in a previous entry, there is an excellent brief chapter entitled, How An Agent Can Help You. Here are excerpts from that chapter in a section entitled Four Ways Agents Can Help You That You Can’t Help Yourself:

1. Agents understand editors’ expectations, so when they submit a proposal, it is closer to 100 percent than you can make it without help. … because editors aren’t interested in books that will require a lot of editing.

2. An agent can get you the best possible editor, publisher, and deal for your book.

3. An agent can negotiate the best contract terms.

4. An agent can respond to the questions and problems that arise during the long publication process that you won’t be able to answer for yourself.

The above four points do not even scratch the surface of what you need to know about literary agents.

In this entry I hope to have convinced you to research getting a literary agent for your book.

Now, here is some news about an agent I think you’ll like. Namaste Publishing, which publishes Eckhart Tolle’s books and those of other highly regarded authors, is now serving as a literary agent. The following is from

“Namaste Publishing currently has a full quota of books for publication and is not accepting submissions. However, books in a wide range of genres may be submitted for agenting by Namaste Literary Agency. Please follow the guidelines for submission. Namaste Literary Agency is happy to receive manuscripts from first-time authors. If a book has been self-published, it may still be eligible for representation.”

Visit the link above for more information.

One thought on “Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 5

  1. Afri A. Atiba

    I am interested in submitting a manuscript to Namaste Literary Agency. Please let me know the procedure.

    Thank You


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