Effortless Recognition

There is either the effortless recognition of what existence is, or there isn’t.

Recognition of non-separation is instant and effortless.

The knowledge is stumbled upon. It isn’t conferred in the same way an academic degree is.

Spiritual practices, spiritual readings, spiritual company, the memories of spiritual experiences, invite that stumbling, but do not guarantee it. The stumbling occurs within a “non-spiritual” life, as well. There’s nothing anyone can do in order to effortlessly recognize what existence is. It is effort-less.

One thought on “Effortless Recognition

  1. John Bauwens

    I agree with you completely. I recognized/remembered non-separation randomly one day. That simple little thing, so blatantly apparent I could hardly believe I had ever misplaced it, turned out to be the absolute well of all complexity and utterly incommunicable in its perfect simplicity.

    Knowing it as I do, I can’t see any path of logic (or lack thereof) as being closer or further from simplicity. Teachers and gurus are teachers and gurus, and no more relevant than anything else in the search for realization.

    PS Sorry for replying to such an old post!


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