Publishing Nonduality Books – Part 6

This is the last part — for now — on publishing nonduality books. It is about sharing costs with an established publisher. I think this is — or at least it could be — the best route.

Fact is, you have to spend some of your own money anyway. You have to pay to get your book edited, for an index to be written, for a website, for any niche advertising you want to do.

You may have to pay for any review copies you want to send out. You have to pay for permissions to reprint. There could be other expenses that are part of positioning your book for sales.

If you share publishing costs with your publisher, you can negotiate some or all of the above expenses. Sharing costs with your publisher demonstrates your seriousness.

It drives you to achieve a break-even point. It could give you a voice within the publishing company. It may even lead to your own imprint or marketing name within that established publishing house.

Having your own brand under the umbrella of a reputable publisher is a whole other direction. It is where I’ll end this brief series on publishing nonduality books.

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