Ashes and Snow: a few comments

If you’ve never seen or heard of Ashes and Snow, it is unlike any other kind of gallery / show / event / museum you have probably ever seen. It’s all those things.

Read about it here.

The amazing art is spiritual in itself, if I’m a judge, and I’m not a great judge of art. It’s not spiritual in the sense of a guru uttering truths. It is spirituality associated with a fusion of artistic creation and nature.

It is probably easier to enjoy the videos, which links are found at the link above, at home rather than at the show.

Within the art exhibition itself there are kids running around, people coming and going, there were no comfortable seats, just tree stumps to sit on. Maybe you’re thirsty. Maybe you have to go to the bathroom. Maybe someone in your family or group is restless. Plus there’s all the other stuff you want to see, so you get a little antsy and want to move on.

Ashes and Snow is meant to be moved through slowly, like snow falling, ashes shifting, elephants stepping forward through water.

Your eyes are drawn everywhere since the overall architecture is part of the whole experience. So it was hard to totally absorb the movies. Yeah, better to watch them on YouTube. But don’t miss this Ashes and Snow if it appears near you. Right now it’s in Mexico City. I saw the exhibition in Santa Monica.

To me it was an art show taken to an extraordinary height involving architecture, interior design, largeness, exotic, artful, absorbing atmosphere. It was poetic, arty, and other worldly. There wasn’t much to say about it afterward. The gift shop was impressive too.

See Ashes and Snow if you can. If you have definite plans to see it, avoid the websites and videos and enter the experience fresh as you can. That’s what I did. I was walking along the Santa Monica beach and there it was. I had no idea what it was. I bought a ticket, went in, and found myself in a separate world I would never have imagined.

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