The Nonduality Game and How To Situate Yourself Within It

The non-duality game is all about knowing, developing, and promoting your niche within nondual spirituality. What I want to talk about is situating yourself within the game. I’m going to use the board game analogy, where you have a plain board and glued on top of it a printed sheet containing spaces within which the mechanics of the game play out.

Nondual spirituality comes in two varieties. One kind is essentially silence. Since this kind of silence is neither empty nor full, there are no words to describe it. If it was empty or full, it could be described because those qualities are known to everyone. The silent kind is like the board of a board game prior to the gluing on of the wonderful world of the game.

The second variety of nondual spirituality, then, is the colorful world of the game. It’s very busy. A roll of the dice and men move from square to square, cards are picked, spinners are spun. This is the game of nonduality. This is where I am right now.

You cannot play the game unless you have a leg in both worlds: one leg in the silent, pure game board prior to the gluing on of the game, and another leg on the printed sheet that goes on top of the plain and untainted board.

That’s your starting position. The only thing that changes is the weight you put on each leg. There’s a time to be fully involved in the game and a time to withdraw.

The bottom line in the nonduality game is to find a unique place on the thin printed game sheet that is glued onto the clear, perfect, unstained board right beneath it, without ever fully leaving one or the other. If you become lost in one or the other, you’re out. Go sit on the couch and watch Oprah.

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