Getting Nonduality from American Idol

I’ve been watching American Idol and discovered a spark of brightness in Kristy Lee Cook. Kristy Lee made it to the top ten finalists, but the consensus was that she “had to” be eliminated. She wasn’t good enough. Most people didn’t like her.

I wrote on discussion boards that Kristy Lee could win the competition.

People vehemently opposed my position. “It’s impossible.” “She’s lucky if she lasts another week.” “She doesn’t belong there with the others.” “You’re delusional.”

Now Kristy Lee is in the top seven and guess what the consensus is? “Well, she might make the top four.” “The others aren’t doing so well anymore, so she might stick around.” “She sang a couple good songs and she’s pretty, so people are voting for her.”

Point is, Kristy Lee Cook showed sparks of brilliance, and then lifted and expanded those sparks. She dresses better, carries herself with greater confidence, sings with more emotion, connects with the audience. She has evolved from a contestant many felt forced to watch to a contestant very many look forward to watching.

How does this bear on understanding nonduality? Nonduality means no thing is separate from reality. Yet no two things are the same. When a person, a thing, is beheld, reality is beheld. The beholding is reality. The beholding is the recognition of perfection.

“Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48

None of us — nothing — is separate from perfection or the Father, if you don’t mind the Christian reference. If you are Islamic, then Allah. Native American? Then the Great Mystery. Doesn’t matter what you call it.

Perfection is our condition. That doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. It means you are more free to work hard. It means you acknowledge your already-perfect condition through your actions.

This isn’t positive thinking. It isn’t thinking at all. It is seeing. Perhaps it is faith. It is recognition of perfection and allowing action out of that. What is the action? It is the identification and raising of the sparks of brilliance.

The task of individual men and women is to extract those sparks that are his or her fortune to encounter in life, and to raise and spiritualize them. … The Hasidic doctrine of Tikkun holds that a person’s soul exists in sympathy with the people and objects in his environment, in such a manner that each moment in a person’s life presents an opportunity to “raise the sparks” that only he or she can redeem. The Lurianic Kabbalah

I saw that Kristy Lee knew the perfection of her own self, recognized the sparks to be raised, and that she was on the verge of waking up to that recognition. And she did. She is. That’s all there was to my prediction.

In your everyday life I invite you to recognize this perfection. At least have faith in it. Don’t write anyone off. Don’t be disappointed by your kids or frustrated by your parents. Don’t let go of that friend or mate. See the perfection, the sparks of brilliance in them, that they may come to see it. Of course, recognize the sparks in yourself.

Yes, there is a time to fully dis-engage from one person or another. No, I’m not saying that in the name of perfection terrorists should be allowed to roam freely.

Be more attentive to those in your social circle. Recognize perfection. See the sparks in a person that might rise toward perfection.

Kristy Lee may get voted off the show this week if she slips up. The raising of sparks is not like lines that go straight up. They could stall. However, the observation is that she has awakened to her perfection. If she keeps raising those sparks in fairly straight lines over the next few weeks, she will win American Idol.

Watch Kristy sing.

One thought on “Getting Nonduality from American Idol

  1. patriciav

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that Kristy Lee Cook has the chance to win. Her previous past two performances have made her star quality and America might just be seeing that in her.If she doesn’t make it any further, she still has secured a country western recording contract and in the end, just might turn out to be the most successful idol of this season.


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