Life is like a ride in an amusement park, except everyone gets killed.

Jerry Katz

3 thoughts on “Life…

  1. louiewing

    Dear Jerry,

    Yes! Ha! Or how about Joseph Campell’s version,

    “Life is a wonderful, wonderful opera; only it hurts.”

    Also, there is a lovely Zen story which is some consolation the “being killed” part:

    “A monk asked, “How are we to train ourselves [to be free of the illness]?”
    The Master answered, “Such an excellent monk! Don’t become a big-headed monk.”
    The monk asked, “Well, after all, what should I do?”
    The Master answered, “If you set yourself up in a state, you cannot keep it for long.”
    The monk said, “What is the path of the right training?”
    The Master answered, “It will be after your death.”
    The monk demanded, “What will happen after my death?”
    The Master said, “You won’t wash your face.”
    The monk said, “I do not understand you.”
    The Master repeated, “You will not wash your face any more.”
    The Transmission Of The Lamp, Sohaku Ogata, p.203

    To be honest, I am getting kind of tired of having to wash my face, day in and day out… Ha!

    Thank you for the great Blog!

    Ted Biringer


  2. MW

    Yepper, nobody gets outa here alive so you might as well enjoy the ride. Personally I like the Ferris Wheel. I can see my house from here.


  3. nonduality Post author

    Thanks Ted and MW. I tried to steal a ferris wheel from an industrial park. It didn’t work out. My partners in crime said I wasn’t amusing enough.


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