Seen on the road


is like endless billboards

in the desert

announcing a desert

up ahead

without billboards

5 thoughts on “Seen on the road

  1. insomniac

    Can’t say i completely agree… talking about spirituality fits the bill, for sure. The analogy makes sense to an old desert rat.



  2. Vicki Woodyard

    This is original…like origami. Makes me wonder…why doesn’t the desert announce billboards 😉 Or why the sea doesn’t label its waves. Well, I’m off to write THAT essay. Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Ted Biringer

    Wait, I see a sign way up there…
    This has to be it! What does it say….?

    “NEXT SIGN 600 Miles”

    Oh good, just 600 miles more!

    What would we do if we ran out of signs?

    Mike Cross, the translater of the voluminous 4 Book, “Master Dogen’s Shobogenzo” recently posted a comment that may be of interest here:

    “So, like deaf old men, trying to discern a far-off signal, using small transistor radios with batteries that are almost flat, we persevere… until eventually one day we hear a human voice repeatedly telling us something in a foreign language: ….NI ARAZU! ….NI ARAZU! We look it up in the dictionary and the message translates as:

    Not it!”

    ~Mike Cross

    Yes! Yes! And what a wonderful ride it is!
    Ted Biringer


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