Advaita by Webster

It’s so rare to find definitions of nonduality in regular dictionaries. To find a definition of advaita, which is Sanskrit for nonduality, in Webster’s dictionary seems even more uncommon. But here it is. There must be a lexicographer who is into nonduality. I’m glad we got people in the dictionary biz. And believe me, we do have people.

Main Entry: advai•ta

Function: noun
Usage: usually capitalized
Etymology: Sanskrit, from a- + dvaita duality, from dvi two — more at TWO
: Vedantic nondualism that denies the separateness of any aspect of reality from the impersonal oneness of Brahma

Citation format for this entry:

“advaita.” Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged. Merriam-Webster, 2002. (10 Jul. 2008).

One thought on “Advaita by Webster

  1. Bob Tallon

    Cool if it’s in the dictionary it being Adaita , it must be real . Or not real AHH is that the question? Could be or could not be. The definitions in dictionary are vishes circles describing circles. Concepts describing concepts dogs howling at the moon all believing they are barking the important tune. A hierarchy of agreed upon mass illusions that are sometimes fun and not so fun to play.


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