Grace in a Grand Am

I monitor in a non-scientific way the appearances of the words nondual, nonduality, nondualism, in blogs and the press. I don’t think there is any question that in the last ten years there has been a significant increase in the use of those words in the mainstream press. I also think there is no question that the increase in the awareness and usage of those terms has occurred within the field of spirituality in general.

But what I have realized is that the term non-dual is being used increasingly in ways unrelated to spirituality, philosophy, expressions of reality, or even science. I’m not going to speculate on what that means or whether what I’m seeing is real phenomenon. I’m only pointing it out.

I found all the following usages of non-dual in the last two months. It seems like an explosion in these findings. I wonder if it presages a greater spiritual explosion.

From Ladies of Liberty blog:

The purpose of the position is to plan, develop, and direct the Family Program for National Guard and Reserve members and their families, including any family of deployed military personnel regardless of service or component (Army, Marines, Air Force, etc), who live in the vicinity at all levels of contingency and mobilization with operations throughout the state.
DUTY LOCATION: Joint Force Headquarters, North Dakota Army National Guard, Manpower and Personnel Directorate (J-1), Support Programs Divisions, Bismarck, North Dakota.
TYPE OF APPOINTMENT: THIS IS A CAREER/CAREER-CONDITIONAL APPOINTMENT (This is a full-time, non-dual status (competitive) permanent position and does not require National Guard Membership).


In spite of the fact that the only non-dual-citizen in the household…

Now what about the LIRR? Very, very few diesel-territory trains actually operate into Manhattan under dual-mode power, even with the new DM30ACs running (and doesn’t it beg the question as to why the LIRR has non-dual-mode DE30ACs at all). Also, why isn’t the Atlantic Avenue Branch closed? or Long Island City, or HPA, then? At least the LIRR has dual-mode locomotives.


I am looking for the cheapest Ion stuff/crap I can get. I don’t care if its banged to hell or not working, offer anything.

Things I don’t care much about (Can be broken, damaged, missing):
grip frames
Paint/ anodizing
tubing/fitting problems
Non Dual tail O-ring bolts
External shells


I’ve been enjoying working on some alts with the new elaborate gear and the low end SOF stuff, but I just hit a bit of a stumbling block when I realized that (as far as I can tell) there are ZERO secondary items for non-dual wielding classes. Was there a mob left out or a loot table that didn’t get finished or is it just hate for the level 65 casters?


As a SAG non-dual member, I still would like to see both unions working together. “United we stand, divided we fall”. On the other hand, “Divide and Rule”. The 120,000 SAG members and the 70,000 members of AFTRA would serve better their interests if they sent a clear message to both unions leaders demanding that they work as a team on behalf of the membership.

From The Culture of the Ashin blog:

As for technology, only non-dual technology supports civilization. Non-dual technology is any technology that supports its own existence. Atomic bombs, which do only one thing, are too simple. They owe all of their functionality to the people which created it. Roads, however, are inherently functional. They allow their maintenance using themselves. Hence, they more than support their own existence. True technology supports itself.


FS: Some Grand Am Parts
Galxay silver Hood (non-SC/T) has a little dent on it $50.00
99-05 GM Stock Coil packs (60,000KM on them) $60.00
GM non-dual post mirrors (mickey Mouse ears) power $60.00
99-05 Stock Headlight $50.00

I don’t need any of these things anymore my closet is full
All of the stuff is packed and ready to ship, but Buyer has to pay for shipping.


I took the opportunity to ask the Minister what progress is being made to improve rail links. I have lobbied for major improvements for the Inverness to Perth line. Ministers are committed to improving journey times between Inverness and Edinburgh/Glasgow, and it is expected that around 30 minutes can be saved on the journey time through the upgrade to the Highland Main Line, ensuring that rail travel is an attractive choice for passengers travelling to and from Inverness. That should see many more people let the train take the strain.

Finally, I am as always arguing for a major set of improvements to the A9, which is the only non-dual-carriageway link serving Scotland’s cities. Progress is being made to that end, and an announcement will be made in late summer/early autumn on the transport projects to be included in the next period, which begins in 2012.


If the non-spiritual usage of “non-dual” is becoming more frequent, why so? I see it as the sense of humor of Grace or universal Intelligence as it brings understanding toward itself. The use of “non-dual” to describe automobile parts and railway travel demonstrates the humor and poetry of Grace as cars and trains symbolize the carrying of information regarding nonduality.

Or am I seeing something that does not exist? What’s more truthful, that I’m imagining things or that Grace is screwing around?

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