Recommended Nonduality Discussion Forums

Today I updated the page of online forums located at About 75 are listed. Some, like Zaadz, are communities of forums.

Here are some discussion forums for you to consider, with a short description of each one. They represent different qualities and intensities of discussion and they are all active:

Advaitin – Serious and scholarly discussion of Advaita Vedanta.

Allspirit – One of the oldest nonduality lists. “All are welcome to share their own writings, insight, understanding and also questions, as related to their spiritual path. Those who are on a dedicated spiritual path independent of any one school of thought will be at home here, and those who choose to follow one path as their way are also welcome.”

Guru Ratings – “This group is intended to be a discussion area for issues that arise in the evaluation of masters and would-be masters, those who are in the business — commercial or otherwise — of improving our lives, especially, but not limited to, the spiritual aspect.” Recommended for people experienced with online nonduality communities.

Live Journal Nonduality Community – “You have obviously come here because you wish to share with others your understanding of nonduality (advaita, etc), and gain from that contact and sharing in the friendly context of a community. All are welcome to join, whether they are new to this and want to learn, or have depth of understanding and realization, and wish to pass it on. Let us grow together.” (moderated by IAMOM). Best nonduality community for young people, although all are welcome.

Meditation Society of America – “The Meditation Society of America’s goal is to share meditation methods from all traditions. This group is an opportunity to ask and answer questions about meditation and discuss experiences. If you gain greater Self Knowledge, inner peace and self control, it will have achieved its aim.”

Nonduality Salon – Jerry Katz’s list. Active, well-moderated list on nonduality topics with no guru presiding or dominating. Since August, 1998.

Now For You Forum – Bulletin board style forum with a very diverse and inviting approach.

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