What Do You Do With This Greeting Card?

If you ever shop for greeting cards you know that the cards you pick up and put back say a lot more than the ones you buy and give.

The cards you put back often expose undeveloped aspects of a relationship. Something as everyday as shopping for a greeting card can bring insights that awaken the need for, or which may aid, psychotherapy.

Life throws greeting cards at you all the time. Very, very few are picked up, brought home, and mailed out. Some you would like to “put back,” but you can’t.

You can’t get out of the greeting cards store, since it is existence. What’s the best way to negotiate the flood of greeting cards? Therapy is one way.

The teaching of nonduality, which can be imparted through nondual psychotherapy, is known by being direct. It (eventually) points to you as another greeting card. It points to the witness of you as yet another card. It points to the space in which greeting cards fly around as a greeting card itself.

You can try to understand the greeting card nature of existence. You can see that the greeting cards are printed on the same blank substance. Each card is the same substance with some scribbles added and which are made of the same substance as the greeting card.

Your understanding is another greeting card. You can’t escape the flood of greeting cards. The impact of the flood stops when you see the source of the cards, which is the blank material. Even that leaves “the blank material,” which is you and which you know as “I.”

There has to be a “you” to understand nonduality profoundly, to see that all greetings cards are blank cards essentially. Yet nonduality means the deconstruction, dissolution, evaporation, or extinction of “you,” leaving nothing profound at all.

This blog entry and each word within it is a greeting card. What do “you” do with it?

3 thoughts on “What Do You Do With This Greeting Card?

  1. Yamakoa

    Hello all,

    “You can see that the greeting cards are printed on the same blank substance.”

    I think we may all be printed on this same “blank substance.”

    Take care


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