Why Ken Wilber Was Not Included In My Book


I like your “Essential Writings on Nonduality”…excellent representation! One question. Where is Ken Wilber? Is he at odds with some nondual writers? I realize Integral Theory can be perceived as rather elitist. Could you give me the inside scoop as to why there is no mention of Wilber’s valuable work in your book? Wilber is a great admirer of Ramana Maharshi. Does Integral Theory conflict with the views of many nondualist writers? Please respond, as this whole area intrigues me. I await your kind reply.

peace, (name withheld)

Hi ____.

Thanks for reading Essential Writings on Nonduality. I couldn’t include everyone I wanted to in the book, for various reasons. Ken has written some the best descriptions of nonduality there are. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to get permission from Shambhala Publications to reprint writings. I killed myself to get permission and they ignored me at every turn. Publishers such as Random House and Doubleday, however, were quick to respond and easy to do business with.

The business of “getting permissions” is a big part of composing an anthology, and Shambhala fails miserably in the permissions department. That’s the reason Ken wasn’t in my book. The same was true for the founder of Aikido, since his work was also published by Shambhala and I could not get permission to reprint his stuff either.

Shambhala did not refuse to give permissions. They simply ignore your requests to receive permission.

Also I couldn’t get permission to reprint anything by Nisargadatta Maharaj, from Acorn Press.

The worst of the worst, though, was an outfit called Blue Dove Press. I won’t say anything more than that. I see now that their website no longer exists, so perhaps they were having serious problems. I hope they’re okay.

Besides the permissions problem, there were space limitations, which accounts for other authors not being included. I’ll have to do a second volume!

On the left hand side of this page click on the category “publishing” and you’ll find out more than you want to know about editing anthologies.

Thanks for writing.

Jerry Katz

One thought on “Why Ken Wilber Was Not Included In My Book

  1. Ted Biringer

    Jerry Katz wrote:

    “I’ll have to do a second volume!”

    That would certainly be a welcome treat, please do! (Only this time do a hardcover, although “One” is a high quality Trade, both my copies are getting well worn from constant reference.


    Ted Biringer


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