Namaste for the Gods, the Guru, and Kelly Ripa

I was watching Meg Ryan on the Regis show and as her interview ended she signified her departure to Regis’s co-host Kelly Ripa by bringing her hands together prayer-like in front of her forehead. That is to say, Meg presented the sign meaning Namaste.

Namaste means “my soul and your soul are one,” according to nonduality teacher Dr. Jean Klein. Further, Klein points out in the video Discovering the Current of Love, that when the hands are held at heart level it is intended for your neighbor and all people. When the hands are brought to forehead level it is a namaste for the Guru. When the hands are held over the head, Klein says, this is namaste for the gods.

On the Regis show, Meg Ryan brought her hands to forehead level, signifying to Kelly Ripa that this namaste was for “the Guru.”

So, what Guru do Meg Ryan and Kelly Ripa share or recognize? More broadly, what is the spiritual connection between Meg Ryan and Kelly Ripa?

How deep, diverse, and widespread is the teaching of nonduality throughout Hollywood? I think it is prevalent and takes the forms of Tibetan Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle-ism, Kabbala, and open Christianity ala A Course in Miracles. That’s only a few.

It’s all over the internet that Jeff Goldblum is reading Talks with Ramana Maharshi.

Acclaimed British actor Terence Stamp has voluntarily read the audio version of David Carse’s most nondual Perfect Brilliant Stillness.

Legendary Richard Beymer has written the wild and penetrating nonduality book, Impostor, a creation that should be made into a movie.

Since my work in nonduality over the last ten years has been to bring nonduality to “the people,” it makes sense that I would try to gauge how nonduality has penetrated the lives of people within certain groups. The mass entertainment group is interesting since it could spread the teaching of nonduality very broadly, if, perhaps, not too deeply.

4 thoughts on “Namaste for the Gods, the Guru, and Kelly Ripa

  1. Tommy Tiger

    Amazing Great News Amazing synchronicity for me
    Studied Jim Morrison for 30 years Meg played Pamela Jim’s girlfriend in Oliver Stone’s Movie the doors .She did an amazing scene with Jim played by Val kilmer As to her experiencing the universe as One was very impressive for me Also a huge yin yang symbol placed on a beach house in the movie where the doors were rehearsing the same design as one that comes up for me and my awakening all the time. also in a cut scene i saw one of the actors that plays ray the doors keyboardist is reading a quote from Moby Dick that Jed mckenna uses in one of his books from his trilogy it’s amazing i came across this i believe i was googling David carse perfect brilliant stillness or Jed mckennaa Thanks namaste


  2. Deb

    An FYI…A Course in Miracles has nothing to do with Christianity. It only uses “Christian” language, but is nothing like the religion.


  3. Tommy Tiger

    Actually After completing A Course in Miracles I find a lot of similarities between what is said in it and what Jesus say’s in the bible but would not have seen that until finishing the course.Acim was not meant to be a religion but a course in mind training and thought reversal.It is the most powerful technology of mind I have seen to Date. Peter Kingley’s book reality is close but I don’t believe i could have grasped peter’s book without having completed Acim Helen, who scribed Acim, mentions dreaming about Aesculapius, The greek God of Healing, who peter talks about in his book Reality Peters book actually helps in getting out of the run around from the organization of Acim Thanks


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