Free Nonduality Newsletters and Magazines

If I missed yours, please send notice of your free online newsletter or magazine to Jerry Katz.

The Nonduality Highlights – Affiliated with this website, and Published daily for over nine years, The Nonduality Highlights consists of one email per day. We feature a wide variety of writings bearing on the teaching of nonduality. Each issue may feature original contributions, selections from online forums, blogs, websites, books, news stories, announcements, articles, and podcasts. Receiving The Nonduality Highlights is like getting a single page from a nonduality magazine each day.

Friends of the Heart Newsletters – Articles on Advaita, awakening, non-duality, enlightenment, Self-realization; poetry and music, monthly articles by Katie Davis, author of Awake Joy and Sundance Burke, author of Free Spirit. Sign up for our free monthly newsletters.

The Nonduality Nowsletter – Charlie Hayes’ letter. Questions, responses, pointers with a focus on Charlie’s work, of course, and also the pointings of John Wheeler, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Tony Parsons, Bob Adamson, and others from the so-called Neo-Advaita way of nondual expression.

The Radical Happiness Newsletter – Gina Lake’s letter. This free monthly newsletter offers inspiration and support for waking up out of the egoic state of consciousness and living from divine essence. It contains articles about spiritual awakening, healing conditioning, embodiment (living the Truth), relationships, finding true happiness, and other related topics. It also announces events and new publications.

Wide Awake Living – Alice Gardner’s letter. Spiritual Awakening, Realization, Enlightenment, Liberation… the name just depends on what your spiritual tradition might be. Maybe it is better to call it waking up to what is already so and has been so all along. This is beyond religion. We are simply finding again who we are–what Mother Nature has known all along and is telling us in the flowers, in the birdsong, in the circumstances of our down-to earth lives and everywhere we look.

HarshaSatsangh Magazine – HarshaSatsangh is dedicated to the joy of fellowship in Ahimsa as exemplified in the purest Advaitic teachings of the Jnani Sage of Arunachala, Sri Ramana Maharshi. We emphasize the universality of the doctrine of nonviolence and the teachings of compassion as these themes are found in all major spiritual traditions and religions of both the East and the West.

TAT Forum Magazine – A monthly spiritual magazine of essays, poetry and humor that inspires seekers to action in the spiritual search. Founded in the very nondual teachings of Richard Rose.

The Nowletter – An occasional paper which is, nevertheless, published nearly every month. It first appeared in 1993 as an extension of group meetings we decided to hold in Sydney following the visit of Douglas Harding in late 1991. It started out as an experiment to find out whether we could extend our dialogue and enable participation by people too far from Sydney to attend the meetings. We also wondered whether a journal based mainly on reader contributions would gain the necessary support. We found the contributions of John Wren-Lewis particularly helpful and an archive of his contributions is provided as a separate section on this site. The Nowletter title is taken from the verse above and the publication started out as a hard-copy postal newsletter and later expanded through the addition of an email version. The email version is now posted to this site. The aim of the Nowletter is summarized on the front page of every issue as follows: The Nowletter appears between 10 and 12 times every year and is a vehicle for news and views about awakening to what is really going on.

The statement ‘awakening to what is really going on’ is a clue to the Nowletter connection to Thomas Traherne and his insistence on our need to enjoy the world aright by awakening into Capacitie. The content of the Nowletter is a combination of readers’ own letters and articles plus work by non-readers on subjects which our contributors find interesting and relevant to the subjects which arise from time to time in the Nowletter.

Center of Timeless Being. Richard Miller’s letter. The true test of awakening comes not in the meditation hall or while we’re on retreat, but in daily life. While the initial movement of meditation is to recover our innate nondual ground of Being, the more difficult challenge is how we embody this realization into daily life when we return to job, family and day-to-day responsibilities. Stay informed of news about the CTB community, research, classes, retreats and trainings by joining our mailing list. We communicate through regular mail (newletters and flyers) and email (Constant Contact) to keep you informed of ongoing events at CTB.

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