How to Bring Nonduality to the Streets

People learn about nonduality “on the streets” (i.e., in places other than the Internet) through word of mouth, magazines, live appearances by public speakers, books by Eckhart Tolle and other popular teachers, and radio and TV shows featuring teachers of nonduality.

Nonduality may be brought to the streets by use of the word. When you use the word nonduality, someone may ask what you mean. Create a 30 second explanatory speech.

Here is a version of a 30 second speech explaining nonduality: “You know when people talk about being one with something? Being one with your work, being one with nature, or being so close to someone that you feel at one with that person? Nonduality means to be at one. Nonduality goes deeply into the idea of being at one with someone or something.”

Create your own 30 second speech. It has to come from you. Tailor it to the person you are addressing.

If you have an idea for a 30 second speech on what nonduality is, leave it as a comment.

3 thoughts on “How to Bring Nonduality to the Streets

  1. Eric Putkonen

    Or just talk in public places. At a recent Satsang I host at a public library (actually the coffee shop in the same building), a woman came up to introduce herself…saying she was eavesdropping. She was interested in the subject and was surprised to hear a conversation on nonduality on a Saturday morning at the coffee shop next to the library (same building).

    People hear and take notice. When they ask – what is nonduality – that is when the 30 second pitch may come in handy.

    ~ Eric Putkonen


  2. Gerard

    My friend[s],

    I eat dinner in the morning and breakfast I eat at night; I wear my coat in the humid summer, and during the nippy cold winter I enjoy wearing my tank tops and shorts; when I have dinner at the Waldorf Astoria – I order there finest bottle of malt liquor, and at the nearest Irish pub, it is Martin Remy for everyone on. And, if the oneness is spoken of, make sure there are Many people to hear it All from Time to Time.


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