Deconstruction: Part One – Introduction

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to deconstruct means “to undo the construction of, to take to pieces.” The OED defines deconstruction as “The action of undoing the construction of a thing.”

Deconstruction, when used in nonduality, means the undoing of the false self, the undoing of what remains when the false self is undone, and the undoing of the undoing.

What is the false self?

The false self is the sense of not being enlightened, of being a struggling entity, of imprisonment, of not being free. It is the sense that you can break out and become free, the sense that you can take life by the horns and become a winner, an enlightened being, a success. The false self is all that and all it conjures up. If you come upon definitions of the false self they usually describe it as the sense of personal doership and of being a separate self.


“Separation” is the hallmark of the false self. The hallmark of nonduality is nonseparation.

Building edifices seriously

Nonduality includes the building of edifices: the books, the teachings, the websites, the thousands of nonduality blogs, the conferences, the temples, the traditions and the rituals associated with them, are constructions. Lots of edifices. Their purpose is to contain and pass along the teaching of deconstruction of edifices. Like mandala paintings in sand, or sculptures made on the beach out of sand, the builders of these edifices know that what they are building is down, deconstructed, almost as soon as they are built. They work with seriousness while taking not a grain of their work seriously, that is, they work/play with joy. Joy, or play, is being serious while not taking anything seriously. Existence is called the play of consciousness. The work or play of nonduality is joy: doing things seriously while taking none of it seriously. Because, what is there to “take”? Only edifices are to be taken, and they are down, deconstructed, almost as they are built.

I’ll continue this in Part Two with observations on the motives for deconstruction by people you meet in the world of nonduality.

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