Science and Nonduality: Minding the trip

What are the main themes to consider when organizing science and nonduality? The first job is to differentiate science and nonduality from science and consciousness.

There is a body of literature and work on science and consciousness. The focus is on experiences, phenomena, mystical states and possibilities, things like communicating with animals, accessing the quantum mind, tripping on the mind, relaxing the mind, developing mental abilities, accessing the potential of the mind, studying the brain and neurology. “Tripping on the mind” says it all. That’s the hallmark of “science and consciousness.”

The hallmark of “science and nonduality” is more like “minding the trip.” That is, asking “whose mind?” “What mind?” “What experience?” “Who is fascinated with the play of consciousness?”

Science and consciousness is a trip down the rabbit hole that stops on a spacious ledge.

The work of science and nonduality is a deeper ride down the rabbit hole, through a small door that leads beneath the tripping on mind and goes far down. How far? As Greg Goode might say, “All the way!”

Here are a few quotations that would set the tone for a body of work on science and nonduality:

This is a fragment of dialogue between a Devotee and Ramana Maharshi:

D: Is not meditation better than investigation?

M: Meditation implies mental imagery, whereas investigation
is for the Reality. The former is objective, whereas the
latter is subjective.

D: There must be a scientific approach to this subject.

M: To avoid unreality and seek Reality is scientific.

D: I mean there must be a gradual eliminaton, first of the
mind, then of the intellect, and finally of the ego.

M: The Self alone is Real. All others are unreal. The mind
and the intellect do not remain apart from you.
The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Stillness
is the sole requisite for realization of the Self as God.

~ ~ ~

from “The Way of Chuang Tzu,” trans Merton:

*The Lost Pearl*

The Yellow Emperor went wandering
To the north of the Red Water
To the Kwan Lun mountain. He looked
Over the edge of the world. On the way
He lost his night-colored pearl.
He sent out Science to seek his pearl,
and got nothing.
He sent Analysis to look for his pearl,
and got nothing.
He sent out Logic to seek his pearl,
and got nothing.
Then he asked Nothingness, and
Nothingness had it!
The Yellow Emperor said:
“Strange, indeed: Nothingness
Who was not sent
Who did no work to find it
Had the night-colored pearl!”

~ ~ ~

William Blake wrote in the introduction to “Jerusalem,”

Poetry fetter’d Fetters the Human Race
Nations are Destroy’d or Flourish in proportion as
Their Poetry, Painting and Music are Destroy’d or Flourish:
The primeval state of Man was Wisdom, Art and Science.”

Wisdom precedes art as art precedes science. Wisdom is consciousness of being itself; it cannot be qualified, conditioned, or defined, for it is intrinsic to being itself. Art is the reflexive state of wisdom; it is the natural and spontaneous expression of being. Science is the way of materially implementing the reflexive state of wisdom. In awakened human consciousness these three form a unified whole. But in our own time science precedes art, and the practice of art precedes the realization of wisdom; and the three are no longer related as a unified system of knowledge. By Blake’s terms, the state we live in is the utter reversal of man’s natural state… (from this untitled work)

~ ~ ~

Science and nonduality is about self-realization or knowing who you are. That goes for the scientist. Anyone exploring science and nonduality has to find out their true nature or who they are. They can’t just trip on the mind and all kinds of cool things about consciousness. They need to go beneath that.

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