The Fox and the Headlights

Once I was driving at night on a country road. My headlights shone upon a fox. It was frozen by my headlights. I, in turn, became frozen by the fox’s large and gemlike green eyes reflecting my headlights. For less than a second we were locked in entrancement. I slowed down and the fox ran off.

That’s what happens with spiritual teachers. You become locked in the headlights of their words, their reputation, their appearance, their charisma, their celebrity, and you stand there like the fox.

The guru, in turn, is fascinated by the look of his light in your wide and beautiful eyes.

What comes out of that is a mutual fascination and the need to keep the light interesting so that you’ll stay fixed and so that the guru will remain fixed to his light as reflected in you.

There are countless projections finding their ways to your eyes, going back outward, and returning again.

“You” are the fox and the headlight in an interplay that happens on countless levels, reverberates, and never ends.

There is nothing you can do. Nothing is happening.

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