How to Run a Nonduality Conference

One way the teaching of nonduality is becoming present in the real world, rather than strictly on the Internet, is through conferences dedicated to nonduality.

Very little has been done. Peter Baumann has run at least two private conferences, one at Princeton and one in Boulder, Colorado. Baumann, formerly of Tangerine Dream, works toward understanding how the knowing of nonduality is imparted.

Gurus do that imparting, and Baumann studies what they do, how they communicate, and he tracks the progress of their students.

His work is not widely known and, since it has recently begun, there may not be much to report.

Anyone with the energy, desire, and the means, can start a conference on nonduality.

If you are starting from scratch, you must approach the task with a plan. The first serious steps should not be about who is going to speak or give workshops.

The first steps are questions to answer:

1. Why do we need to hold it?

2. What do we want to achieve? Objectives. Mission statement.

3. What do we want our audience to go home and say about the meeting, apart from the fact that they had a great time?

4. What are the key messages we want our audience to remember?

5. What action do we want our audience to take after attending this conference?

6. Audience description: Who should attend?

7. When should the event be held?

8. Where should it be held?

These questions have been taken from two documents:

How to Run Your Greatest Conference Ever

How To… run a conference

From the latter paper:

Though one might feel that organising conferences is a daunting and thankless job, it is not true. In fact, on the other hand, the task is varied, challenging, and rewarding, notwithstanding the heavy work load. It is, therefore, necessary that the whole process is approached in a systematic manner.

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