The Experience of Nonduality

I interviewed James Traverse a couple days ago and this is one of the videos. There will be a few more.

In this interview, following my introduction, James takes me through an experiential exercise in nonduality. Try to go through it with me. In the beginning, I intentionally paused before responding.

The exercise points to what the experience of nonduality actually is. This and other exercises are available through James’s book and CD, Nidra Yoga. To learn more about James’s work, visit

2 thoughts on “The Experience of Nonduality

  1. Dana

    This was incredibility valuable and interesting. It made sense the way he pointed out how the finger must be empty of itself in order to experience. Hence “we” must be empty of a self in order to have the many experiences that we have.

    Great stuff. Looking forward to more . . .


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