James Traverse: Background in Yoga and Nonduality

James Traverse speaks about his background in Yoga and nondual teachings.

James writes, “This non-ordinary way of being is available to ordinary people everywhere.”

James says in this interview with Jerry Katz,

“Iyengar Yoga had something lacking for me because it made so much sense intellectually and it was so physically presented…, I couldn’t get past the feeling that something was missing, … so I had a certain discontentment…, and that’s what led me to Jean Klein…, the person that lead me to nonduality.”

“[Jean Klein’s] way was largely of silence. … His very presence was an invitation to release all that which one has accumulated through book knowledge and intellectual understanding, and to simply come to a place where one is empty of oneself.”

One thought on “James Traverse: Background in Yoga and Nonduality

  1. Dennis Lewis

    Yes, it’s true that Jean Klein’s “way was largely of silence.” Unlike some of today’s popular non-dual teachers, though, he was not satisfied with happy faces and nods of agreement, but welcomed a real exchange–one, he told me once privately, that demanded more from all concerned. He was able to offer so much more when people admitted that they didn’t understand what he was saying. That was not, however, a common admission.


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