The Diamond Sutra Would Suck Without You

There’s a good chapter on the Diamond Sutra in my book, One: Essential Writings on Nonduality.

In that chapter I quote some key sections from the Diamond Sutra. They’re followed by Wei Wu Wei’s explanation from his book, Ask The Awakened.

Here are a couple of quotes from the Wei Wu Wei section:

… this world-system the Tathagata has taught as no world-system. Therefore it is called a world-system.

‘Beings, beings,’ Subhuti, the Tathagata has taught that they are all no-beings. Therefore has he spoken of ‘all beings.’

Wei Wu Wei writes, “[Buddha] taught that things and concepts (dharmas) are not, and that is why things and concepts (dharmas) are.”

The only way to understand the Buddha, is to experience or “know” what he is saying. In these days where it is commonplace to hear that there is no you, it should not be hard to understand this:

You, you, there is no you. Therefore, there is you.

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