Nonduality Satsangs: A Mission Statement

James Traverse, Dustin LindenSmith, and I are putting together Nonduality Satsangs in Atlantic Canada. Visit our website,, in progress, and which still needs tightening and organizing.

Here is a mission statement for our satsangs. Keep in mind that the audience is Atlantic Canada and that there may be a number of people living here who are unfamiliar with nonduality and satsang. In a separate post I’ll give specific guidelines for starting your own nonduality gatherings, wherever and whoever you are.

Mission Statement

Nonduality Satsangs are interactive gatherings of ordinary people that present a context shift that allows your mind to rest in its homeground knowingly. Nonduality Satsangs adhere to no single teacher, guru, or tradition. They resort to all teachers, gurus, traditions, and fields of knowledge.

What is satsang? Satsang means the company of truth. In Nonduality Satsangs people come together to hear, express, and value the truth of their nature and existence. This is done through presence, silence, discussion, consideration of scriptures and texts from all traditions; through meditation, lectures, chanting, singing, and within an atmosphere of celebration, humor, and joy.

What is nonduality? Nonduality means “not two.” There are not two things. There is only ________ (fill the blank with the term you prefer: God, consciousness, oneness, reality, Truth, awareness, Presence, Self, Brahman, quantum reality, emptiness, I Am, etc.) Yet we witness infinite distinct forms. The teaching of nonduality addresses the apparent paradox that there are not two things AND that all things are distinct and highly individualistic.

Why Nonduality Satsang? Because people hunger to know the truth of their existence, and there is no independent Nonduality Satsang currently offered in Atlantic Canada. The time is right for this teaching. People around the world are already coming to the teaching of nonduality through such avenues as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Buddhism, quantum theory, the poet Rumi, A Course in Miracles, Thich Nhat Hahn, Yoga, Reiki, various books and websites, and through their own experiences and insights.

We are open to all teachings and teachers of truth and we encourage, support, develop, and publicize other independent Nonduality Satsangs.

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