Green Smoothies: Simple and Powerful

I did get one practical benefit from the 1000+ comments to my post on Adi Da’s death.

Someone mentioned that Adi Da required or strongly suggested his devotees drink green smoothies. I’m always looking for ways to eat better and more efficiently, so I researched green smoothies and they made sense to me. They’re blended drinks using leafy green vegetables and fruit. Simple. This video is all you need to know:

I’ve been drinking green smoothies daily for nine weeks. I lost four pounds and nearly an inch off my waist, My weight was fine. I wasn’t trying to lose weight. My exercise workouts have gotten more intense, too. The green smoothies are replacing foods with higher fat content. There may also be some enzymatic and cellular level stuff going on that makes metabolism more efficient.

A note on the kind of blender used to make smoothies: In the video he uses a VitaMix. They’re around $600. I use a $60 blender that I’ve had for a few years. It works fine. To start, use what you have. Later you might want a high performance blender, such as one of these. I’m sure you can get a superb blender for under $200.

13 thoughts on “Green Smoothies: Simple and Powerful

  1. Ted Biringer

    Hello Jerry,

    Thank you for this post (as well as the ongoing supply of excellent resources for convey the liberating message of nonduality).

    I thought this might be a good place to offer an excerpt from The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing relating a conversation about smoothies (and maybe nonduality). The excerpt reads:

    One evening, I arrived in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, on my way to meet a man that was rumored to be a true Zen dragon. I paused at a roadside stand to buy a smoothie from the woman working there.

    Greeting the woman, I said, “How are you?”

    She said, “Selling smoothies.”

    I could see right away that she was no ordinary vendor. I said, “Will you sell me a smoothie?”

    She said, “Why do you want to buy a smoothie?”

    I said, “I want to buy a smoothie to refresh my body and mind.”

    Then she gestured to my pack and asked, “What are those books you are carrying in that bag?”

    I said, “There are two books in this bag: one is the Shobogenzo, the Treasury of the True Dharma-Eye by Eihei Dogen, the other is a compilation of writings handed down through over eighty generations of Zen masters.”

    Hearing that, the woman said, “If that is the case, may I presume to ask you a question?”

    I said, “You have not found it necessary to ask my permission thus far, but if it suits you, fine, ask.”

    She said, “I have heard that Buddhism teaches that there is no such thing as a self; if so, what body and mind do you wish to refresh? If you can say something to the point, I will sell you a smoothie. If you cannot say something to the point, I will not sell you a smoothie.”

    I said, “If that is how you are, who will sell smoothies or not sell smoothies?”

    She said, “You know that smoothies cannot refresh the body and mind, but don’t you know that smoothies refresh smoothies?”

    I said, “That is true, but it is only saying eighty or ninety percent.”

    She said, “How would you say it, sir?”

    I said, “Smoothies smoothie smoothies.”

    The woman laughed aloud, and I could not help but join her. She sold me a smoothie, and enjoyed one herself as I stood sipping mine at the edge of the road. After awhile she said, “You must be here to see Dean Frank.”

    Happy, though not surprised, that she knew of the man that I was seeking I asked, “Do you know him then?”

    “He is my son. He told me you might show up here.” She said, “He will be happy to see you again.”

    “There must be some mistake.” I said, “I don’t believe I have ever met him.”

    “When you knew him he was called Daniel Dale.” She said.

    I was overjoyed to hear this. “How wonderful,” I said, “Where is he now?”

    She said, “He is sailing around in your eyebrows.”

    “You are a smoothie,” I said.

    ~The Flatbed Sutra of Louie Wing

    Ted Biringer


  2. Gerard Waters

    This is great Jerry. I haven’t been making home made smoothies, but, I can say I have been eating most of those ingredients on that video. I feel so much more energy to go about my day. I will look into a blender and try it out. The closest I’ve gottin has been pre made ones from the health food store.


  3. Flick

    Yes I have been doing the green smoothies in an old oster blender for a couple of weeks now. I later eat another type of raw smoothie made from a raw protein powder and some super foods and fruits. I need nothing else all day and then have some kind of grain and bean thing for dinner and a green salad. sometimes i have a fruit salad with a sauce I make from goji berries and sprouted pumpkin seeds. maybe some toast with that. anyhow I have lots of strength and stamina for strong exercise and I intend to increase the green smoothie thing over time. I will get a vitamix. you can get them online with the two speeds[which is plenty] for $330, including shipping. By the way , Adi Da’s book, “Green Gorilla” where he talks a lot about the smoothies is very good. Flick Rahke


  4. Flick

    Well thank again Jerry for hosting and moderating the blog on the passing of adi da. I enjoyed conversing with some of my old friends and unknown people also. I got my new vitamix today and it cost me $325 with no tax or shipping cost. I have upped to two quarts of the green smoothies a day{all in the morning so far} and I do feel a difference after just 3 weeks. Flick Rahke


  5. Jerry Post author

    The Adi Da conversation was a good experience. He was an important teacher for me. Your contributions kept the dialog grounded. I’ve seen VitaMix’s on ebay for around 325. You’re drinking a lot of those smoothies. I find a positive difference drinking a lot less than that. I use an older Osterizer, as were you. Do you find the Vitamix makes a significantly better drink? Is it more fun to use? Seems like it would be. -Jerry


  6. Flick

    Hi Jerry, Well I just follow the general recipe of two cups of water , some strawberries and a banana or two and a few leaves of kale or collards or spinach or chard or whatever mix. I thought that made two quarts, but maybe just one. Anyhow I drink that mix up in the morning before chi gung exercise and then make a more protein based rice protein smoothie with goji in it and so forth.

    The difference I notice with the vitamix is that it makes the greens totally blended down and smooth and my old blender did not do that completely{although it was stilll fine and good} I got my vitamix for the same $325 from one of the websites with free shipping and no tax.
    I think it is a positive insvestment since I eat so much of my food out of a blender and yes they are pretty fun. it might last me the rest of my life . Flick


  7. Jerry Post author

    I bought a Waring MX1000XT blender. The Waring, the VitaMix and the Blendtec are considered second generation blenders. They’re commercial blenders like the smoothie shops use. The department store blenders are first generation.

    I love my Waring blender. It’s a powerhouse. I pack it with greens and banana. It comes out green and smooth and goes down smooth.

    I also make smoothies with carrots, celery, beets, peppers, apples, whatever I find.

    A 2nd generation blender makes it easy to eat raw foods.

    As I replace cooked foods — even healthy cooked foods such as whole grains and fish — with raw foods, my health and strength seem to be increasing.

    Beyond the 2nd generation blenders, there is a 3rd generation super blender made by Blendtec, the ICB7.

    It’s a 20 amp blender and breaks foods down more finely than either the Waring or the VitaMix.

    It cost twice as much, or more, than the 2nd generation blenders.

    Beyond 3rd generation are the scientific blenders made by Waring, and which they’ve been manufacturing for decades. They could cost thousands of dollars each.

    The reason I bought a Waring is because their engineering is rooted in the most critical engineering demanded by scientific laboratories around the world.

    The Waring blender lasts longer and is more trouble free than any other blender.


  8. Flick rahke

    Thanks for the update, Jerry. I have been using the cheapo two speed vitamix and am grateful even for that. I got it for $350 online. Anyhow, the green smoothies are great and I have a quart every morning, I add a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds for blood sugar balancing for me. They are good for a lot of things and seem to make the smoothie even better,. I got some super bitter kale the other day and could not drink more than one glass. I even put agave in it , but it did not help. Flick


  9. Jerry Post author

    The Vitamix, the commercial Extreme Warings, and the Blendtecs (except for ICB7) all do the same job, my research tells me.

    My Waring is a 2-speed with a pulse switch that I don’t even use. It’s all that’s needed, I’m sure.

    Our kale isn’t so bitter here. I eat a couple big handfuls almost every day with a banana added to sweeten it.


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