Notes from Deepak Chopra’s Talk

I went with nondual guys James Traverse and Dustin LindenSmith and a couple other friends to see Deepak Chopra speak in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on April 22, 2009. There were about 1300 people attending.

The following are notes taken by James and me. There is some commentary, which is noted in italics.

Chopra’s main message is to find out the nature of consciousness as “I am.” He uses a variety of fascinating and popular teachings as vehicles to communicate that. As well, he is a polished speaker and very funny and engaging. The two hour talk, without breaks, flew by.

1 thought on “Notes from Deepak Chopra’s Talk

  1. Gerard W

    I found that very moving. It seems that Chopra’s message has changed over the years. He is more mature. I know that when the simple intention is set to rest in awareness, a much larger view comes into play, but when the words, or concepts come in (and I’m not speaking about the relative play) all seems Blah. That’s why I find myself pulled back to such teachings as Dzogchen, Mahamudra, or Advaita, etc, they just seem the only thing as close to real as can be taught.


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