Latest Twitters

Here are some of my latest contributions through Twitter:

Swami Abhayananda: A long time player in the game; scholar, teacher, author. Free books on request. Good guy.

James Traverse told me about Google Wave: a new tool for communication/collaboration coming later this year.

@iamsource “yesterday I turned fifty but my soul feels eternal.” When change doesn’t get to you, you must be aligned with the eternal soul.

@yogabytes “RT @maddow: My friend Jill McDonough just won the Pushcart Prize for this:” Awesome.

Atma Darshan & Atma Nivriti, most profound teachings of Sri Atmananda (Krishna Menon), now available online:

Received a manuscript with this note: “am keen to ‘get this out there’ ASAP, and am not bothered about making any money out of it.

I’m sad Bill East is gone. We exchanged many emails. Many glowing reviews. @aflow played his songs on her show. He occupies a rare niche.

Listen to Bill East at CD Baby has some copies for sale, but longer being sold off his website.

Just learned that maverick songwriter/singer/producer Bill East passed away:

Interview with Greg Goode on Atmananda’s “direct-path” teachings and how they utilize the concept of awareness:

I didn’t know Kay had a website:

2 new books from Non-Duality Press. The Light That I Am. … and … You Are No Thing.

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