Choose your teachers carefully

Just because a teacher has bad habits doesn’t mean he or she is a bad teacher. However, you get to choose whether you want that teacher as yours.

If you choose a teacher with bad habits, you’re going to be touched by them in some way. At the least you’ll have to deal with them. At worst, you’ll pick up the habits or become a victim of them.

I was recently asked to help a prominent teacher pay off his credit card debt. That he can’t manage money doesn’t mean he’s a bad teacher. It does mean that if he’s your teacher (he’s not mine) you’ll probably feel you have to contribute to paying his debts.

Choose your teachers carefully. Have high expectations of them. If they can’t manage their debt, do you really want that person as your teacher?

The teacher in question needs some hard, practical, specific talk from Suze Orman:

How to settle your credit card debt on your own:

3 thoughts on “Choose your teachers carefully

  1. dhyan

    I have been following the developments in the financial system for a long time. Suzie did not, to my knowledge, offer any insights into its workings, and the institutionalized fraud that went on during the last years. To understand how we were duped, one needs to utilize the discriminating function of the mind: yes, thoughts! There is such a bias against the latter in circles close to neo Advaita, and now a financial teacher is recommended who fails to see through the system? (I have not watched the clip).
    Every single dollar in circulation is nothing but debt. Canadian dollars too. Euros too. Euducation on these matters is, thanks to the internets, free on youtube, such as “The Money Masters”.

    Second, you don’t choose your teacher. Never. How amazing how in the circles who talk ‘non-doership’, the concept of doer is so alive and well.

    Otherwise, all the best to you, Jerry – or is there a Jerry? And who is typing?


  2. Kailashana


    Suze Orman is making a financial windfall “resolving” other’s debts. Many professionals,
    ie doctors, lawyers, judges, policeman, etc. do. It’s the way of things in a nondual world.

    The world is bankrupt, and no one knows it.

    However, thanks to information-made-light-speed, there is light at the end of tunnel-vision.


  3. Brian

    Way to hold the teachers accountable and help others do the same. You can really get into trouble when you lose what one teacher called, your “BS meter.” Especially with the way all this talk of “non-doership” usually goes. It is so often used as a cop-out or has a bias which means it is just someone’s ego using it as way to do what the ego always tries to do: manipulate reality.


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