Monthly Archives: August 2009

Nonduality is art

My motivation isn’t spiritual as much as artistic. What I do in nonduality is art. I’ve created nondual adventures such independent nonduality, a wide open list of gurus and realizers, nondual perspectives, the genre of cinema nondualite’, the independent nondual chat space, a daily e-letter, and street nonduality or the bringing of nonduality to the everyday level of life outside the Internet.

I’ve noted that many people like what I do and some don’t.

It is art, “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.” I am motivated to do the art, not to save anyone or the world. If anything or anyone is saved, that’s part of the work of art. I am an artist.

-Jerry Katz

How to Walk Through Walls in Dreams

The first thing you have to do is become lucid in your dreaming. You need to stop in the middle of a dream and say, “Hey, I’m dreaming.”

Then you need to find a wall, preferable one within the dream that is felt to be imprisoning you.

Then realize in your lucidity that you have to walk through the wall.

Next, realize that there is no wall. It is only a thought and has no existence as a solid wall. Make that realization within the dream.

Then lean against the apparent wall. Lean into the apparent wall. A resistance may be felt, but a certain kind of momentum will be generated to take you through the wall and into another dream space.

Where you go from there and how you apply lucid dreaming to your thoughts and your self-image in the waking world is the stuff of spiritual searches. Good luck!