How to Walk Through Walls in Dreams

The first thing you have to do is become lucid in your dreaming. You need to stop in the middle of a dream and say, “Hey, I’m dreaming.”

Then you need to find a wall, preferable one within the dream that is felt to be imprisoning you.

Then realize in your lucidity that you have to walk through the wall.

Next, realize that there is no wall. It is only a thought and has no existence as a solid wall. Make that realization within the dream.

Then lean against the apparent wall. Lean into the apparent wall. A resistance may be felt, but a certain kind of momentum will be generated to take you through the wall and into another dream space.

Where you go from there and how you apply lucid dreaming to your thoughts and your self-image in the waking world is the stuff of spiritual searches. Good luck!

6 thoughts on “How to Walk Through Walls in Dreams

  1. bernardtsmith1

    Hi Jerry

    I listened intently to your interview by Mandee and have now read about many of your extremely interesting activities.

    Both you and your very many colleagues I am sure would find much of very considerable interest in my book “A Philosophy of Information (Information is the Power that Drives and Controls Us all)”,- incidentally published in Canada!

    Perhaps the main theme of my book is the nature and mystery of human memory and the power and influence it has over all we do and say. In my case this is particularly from the point of view oh how computers deal with their memory!

    MENS AGITAT MOLEM! (Mind over matter)

    Please do sometime go to my blog of which you have the address or to my personal website which is devoted entirely to my book

    My best wishes



  2. bernardtsmith1

    Very many thanks for posting info about my book etc. in Twitter and Co., and to members of the Yogaheart radio network.
    I was not aware of Nonduality Groups while writing my book but there are obviously very many similarities in there with your theories.
    From a philosophy point of view we have to ask continually the reason for all this WONDER which we are always meeting in life! That is why I am continually asking in my book WHY, WHY.WHY, Why are we here at a;;. Why do we say and do what we do? What is the reason for it all? Does there have to be a reason?
    I haven’t yet come across similar questions being posed in Nonduality. Are they there?
    In any cae, very good luck with all the preparations for your Autumn conference. I do hope that it is a really great success!


  3. Jerry Post author

    You’re welcome!

    The teaching of nonduality inquires into “who” rather than “why”: “Who is the asker of the why question?” “Who am I?”

    “What” questions may take the form of, “What is anything?”, “What am I doing?”

    A “How” question may be, “How do I know what I know?”

    There are neuroscientists, philosophers, and psychologists and other scholars studying nondual awareness and they have to be asking why, what, when, where, how, who. But those directions are secondary. Primarily nonduality is about asking who you are or finding out the true nature of the one who asks questions, writes books, conducts research, and generally treks through life.


  4. Bernard Smith

    Hi Jerry,

    I think you may be interested in Dr Janis Amatuzio’s First encounter with Life after Death which deals with OBE, Out of Body Experience. which I also discuss in my book along with Lucid dreaming.

    At the following blogsite, if you care to look, you will see that I have been in a useful exchnage in which I have quoted your interests and also given them your present blog address of Walking through walls.

    I trust that plans for conference are oing well

    Bernard – OBE – really!)


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