Preparing a Talk for the Science and Nonduality Conference

I’m scheduled to speak at the upcoming Science and Nonduality Conference, October 22-25 in San Rafael (Marin County), California.

The title of my talk is Stumbling into Nonduality. What I want to emphasize is that you stumble into nonduality or truth or a realization of what reality is.

That stumbling takes different forms and occurs more than once for a person, each time revealing a refinement of your realization.

The stumbling isn’t worth much, however, unless its meaningful. Then, if it’s meaningful it has to be valued. If it is valued, it has to be pursued, studied, gone deeply into.

Realization, then, may lead to a life in which nondual expression is obvious in the work you do. In that case, a “nondual perspective” may be identified.

That outlines what I’m going to talk about:

Stumbling into nonduality: fresh examples.
Valuing the stumbling: what does that mean to you?
Pursuing nonduality: new subtleties in the pursuit.
Nondual perspectives: 2 or 3 newly emerging perspectives, depending on time and what I discover up to the last minute.

The Conference is an opportunity to sample tastes from the buffet table of nonduality. I’m offering only one dish. Others will say there is no one to stumble into nonduality. Since that too is the case, the conference will be an opportunity to face and enjoy paradox. Be hungry!

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