Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Nonduality Business as Stale Bread

Let’s not forget that we’re in business. Nonduality is a business. Your business is to find out your true nature. It’s not to get involved in the nonduality business. The nonduality business has been established to help you find out your true nature, or to see things as they are. You don’t need to be involved in the nonduality business unless you are driven to do so.

The nonduality business is always bringing you stale bread. That’s the best we can do. But in delivering that stale bread we deliver sustenance. It is up to you to break down the sustenance to substance and, further, to particles of reality.

Don’t get too invested in stale bread: all the books, websites, videos, satsangs, all of it. But take the sustenance that is least stale to you, least refined, and let it fall apart in your hands into the fresh and great display of existence, stale bread and all.

Lucid Dreaming Meets A Comfortable Bed

Are you ever frustrated that during a lucid dream you cannot fly, walk through walls, run fast, or get someplace you want to go?

Consider that your mind, by restricting your activity, is telling you to stop fooling around and to do what you’re supposed to be doing: sleeping deeply.

Sometimes the best thing to do during a lucid dream is find a comfortable bed and get into it.