Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path

Greg Goode’s new book, Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path , is going to be published by premiere house Non-Duality Press, in late October.

I was pleased and honored to have written the Foreword which is a glimpse into the personality of Greg and the new possibilities offered by his book.


From Greg’s website:

Standing as Awareness: The Direct Path
(New, Expanded Edition! Foreword by Jerry Katz. Forthcoming from Non-Duality Press, October 2009)

The book’s title comes from one of Sri Atmananda’s teaching methods. When you take a stand as awareness, you don’t take yourself as an object such as the body or a personalized mind state, but as awareness itself. Sri Atmananda passed away in 1959, but his teachings are as radical and crystal clear today as ever.

This new edition retains the selection of dialogs from a decade of New York City nondual-dinners, but adds three new chapters on the fundamentals of the Direct Path, such as How to Stand as Awareness, Falling in Love with Awareness, and “The Witness – from Establishment to Final Collapse into Pure Consciousness.”

The new chapters include several experiments in awareness that can help establish and stabilize your experience that the world, body and the mind are nothing other than pure consciousness itself.

One thought on “Standing As Awareness: The Direct Path

  1. Ted Biringer

    Hello Jerry,

    Thank you (and congrats).

    I look forward to the foreword (and the rest of the book of course).

    Thanks again, for this and all of your ongoing illumination.



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