Monthly Archives: October 2009

Suchness and Neo-Advaita

What was important in my life of spiritual experiences was seeing the suchness or I-am-ness of everything. That levelled everything. What comes out of doing that is that the suchness looks back at you and suddenly there is a deeper experience of being.

The fog is a lightest when standing as suchness.

When the fog disappears altogether, a different kind of description of the world and reality appears.

What is seen these days is a lot of the fogless descriptions, confessions, showings. They form the genre known as neo-advaita, which tries to cut out the middle man of suchness. It tries to cut out all middle men except the neo-advaita teachers themselves.

It is not hard to see that neo-advaita teachers are saying the same thing in different ways. When that is seen, the suchness of neo-advaita is seen. Then it is possible that the suchness of all things is seen and is seen looking back at you. And the fog is lightest at suchness.

What the neo-advaitins (don’t know what else to call them) are talking about can’t be known in the same way suchness is known. All you can know is suchness. That’s all that can be taught and it is the most high spiritual experience. It is pure love.

What the neo-advaitins are talking about is exactly what is, “this,” and it can’t be expressed. Every expression of “this” has to rent a room at the hotel of suchness. But the fog is the lightest there.

So what can be done to know “this”? Absolutely nothing, except to depend upon a neo-advaita teacher to tell you more about it, to confess what it’s like to be/not be “this.” But the fog is quite light there.