Notes on My Experience at The Science and Nonduality Conference 2009: Part One

Here are a few excerpts from my notebook kept at the Science and Nonduality Conference:

Stephen Wolinsky

“The no state stateless state. Notice it. … Notice the stateless state of not depending upon thoughts, memories, associations, perceptions…
Notice how the stillness appears to go on forever. … Realize you are conscious of that stillness … just be the consciousness. … What would you have to unpack if there was no purpose?”

Wolinsky said the his teacher, Nisargadatta Maharaj, was a Zen master of the highest order. Nisargadatta said that spirituality is about realizing who you are not. Through neti-neti you realize who you are. He also said that everything Nisargadatta gave was a thorn, a thorn that would pluck out the thorn causing suffering and pain.

Amit Goswami

His turning point in life was when he was suffering and suddenly asked himself, “Why do I live this way?” In that instant he knew he was changed.

Greg Goode

“Do you see anything that separates seeing from you? … There are no “sides” just open presence. … No containment going on in our experience. … Thoughts that say there are borders have no borders, no containment. … The notion of containment arises in the sea of the uncontained. … Are you perceiving me as though I’m a container?

Jody Radzik

“Anything you think about nondual realization is wrong. … Everyone is in nondual awareness right now. … You’re never closer to or further away from nondual realization. … Images of nonduality are the biggest occlusion. … The actual is always present as pure awareness. … Grace is how the recognition happens. … Give up the search, not the practice. … Cognitive neuroscience is the most important field right now. … Reason is a veneer and a crude tool.”

~ ~ ~

CDs and DVDs of speaker sessions from The Science and Nonduality Conference 2009 are available here.

~ ~ ~

The Conference was not only about speakers. “Heather Munro Pierce leads her signature modality in the Experiential Room hosted by Conscious Dancer Magazine, Oct. 25, 2009.”

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