Notes on My Experience at The Science and Nonduality Conference 2009: Part Two

At the Conference I got the hint that nonduality is starting to creep into the traditional colleges and universities. If there’s still such a thing as the “college circuit” (I’m totally out of that loop), speakers and teachers might be thinking about tapping into it. However, it’s not yet clear to me whether that movement is going to take off or what. Nor does anyone know what form nonduality will take in the universities. Probably new versions of the teaching and new teachers will emerge along with freshly influenced creative works, expressions of activism, and psychological studies, and god knows what else since all fields of knowledge could be influenced.

Josie responds:

hi jerry:

some thoughts that came when reading this… from
another perspective.

nonduality is already present in many of the
institutions. it slipped in through the medical
field to receive validation scientifically as
beneficial for health and it has continued to
quietly move through all different organizations
including prisons. it goes by the name of
“mindfulness”. it was used for helping with
high blood pressure, chronic pain, heart
disorders, cancer etc in its early form:
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, (thanks
to Jon Kabat-Zinn) and later variations
for treatment with borderlines: DBT, with
depression, trauma and anxiety: ACT and in
addictions: MBRP. the word that is used in
trainings in reference to nonduality in an
experiential way is “groundlessness”. this
is being taught in elementary schools, high
schools and universities. ongoing research
continues to give permission and inspiration
for others to include it ever exponentially
for people in education, healthcare and work
or business.

i am not implying nonduality is about health
benefits, greater productivity, clarity,
healthier relationships or happiness.
however it is those side benefits from
being fully present and aware, that have
allowed it to come more and more into
mainstream. of course this is also due
to the dedicated efforts of many individuals
including ongoing research studies in every area.
some of the speakers that show up at different
events with the dalai lama or at conferences
like Awakening to Mindfulness (FACES)expand
on this in very accessible ways.

the dalai lama as one source of inspiration
has challenged everyone he has been in contact
with from the blue men, ebay founder, nobel
prize winners, actors, authors, advocists to
the university professors, researchers and
educators to take these results of the efficacy
of kindness, compassion and mindfulness into
real concrete practical action in the world
and many are rising to do so.

mindfulness is one of the many doorways that
continue to offer the invitation to simply be,
to let the story drop or flow through, and to
rest. just for this moment.

it may seem that practicing mindfulness, and
taking action are opposites, but paradoxically,
(as it all is), being mindful allows clear
seeing to arise which makes evident what the
next action is.

having used many different words to communicate
this with others, i find that along with the
words “compassion” and “grace”, “mindfulness”
is accessible for almost all.

Jerry responds:

Thanks, Josie, for that bundling of practices and doorways. I find that useful. Stuff I didn’t know about. I agree that they’ve paved the way for the acceptance of nonduality. If all those practices and teachings were available without the presence of both the word and the teaching of nonduality, they would be lacking a certain overall coherence, I feel. Nonduality brings everything together and at the same time dissolves it. Maybe I’m overly pushing the nonduality agenda, but my sense is that the word is important to use. It’s the word itself, along with unique understandings of it, that I see creeping into the doorways of society and culture.

3 thoughts on “Notes on My Experience at The Science and Nonduality Conference 2009: Part Two

  1. Bob Wallace

    Hi Jerry,
    I enjoyed your talk at the Conference. I agree with Josie’s comments re mindfulness and nonduality. I doubt that any one word is crucial, though it’s hard to know how we’d do without “love” and “freedom”! I’ve written up some thoughts about the Conference on my blog/webpage (above). I think we need to make it clear that the “One” of which we heard a lot at the Conference doesn’t erase the “many.” So we needn’t feel guilty about raising issues about how individuals are treated (issues of justice, fairness, and so forth), even though individuals are not the ultimate reality.
    Thanks for your work!
    Best, Bob


  2. Jerry Post author

    Hi Bob,

    Enjoyed meeting you at the conference. I think we were talking about suggesting a session on literature at the next conference. I appreciate your description of the Conference and would like to post it to my newsletter, the Nonduality Highlights.



  3. Bob Wallace

    Hi Jerry,

    You want to post my blog comments on the conference, in your newsletter? Please go right ahead–as long as you cite the original URL so people can explore the background if they want to.

    Yes, literature and poetry in particular. Before he knows it, Maurizio will be dealing with everything in the world!

    Thanks again,


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