Notes on the Science and Nonduality Conference 2009: Part Four

Greg Goode writes:

A Common Stumbling Block to Nondual Realization (video only – no audio)

if that doesn’t play, try the Flash version:

This is the presentation I gave at the Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael on October 24.

It tells of what I call a common “stumbling block” to nondual realization – a barrier that stands in the way of the discovery that the self and world are the same undivided awareness. The stumbling block I’m talking about in this case boils down to this: the sense that awareness must somehow be personalized or localized. We grow up in modern scientific cultures taught to believe this. But as long as we do, the sense of separation will continue. Direct experience, however, can establish that awareness is not personalized, and that localization is never experienced at any time. Our experience is always open, limitless, undivided and free.

P.S.The video consists mostly of with a few illustrations and animations. So if it goes by too quickly, just use the Pause button and the other video controls in your media player window.


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