Sites for Nonduality Interviews

The Urban Guru Cafe remains the most creative and nondually cutting edge interview show.

Richard Miller is himself an interesting character who often gets intimately, emotionally, physically involved in his interviews. The most fun guy to watch.

Chris Hebard is the most professional of the video producers and marketers. Chris could be the subject of one of his own videos in which he interviews the cream of the cream.

Conscious TV is another producer of fine nonduality videos.

The Leap Guys are other major players at interviewing and videotaping nonduality teachers and personalities.

I’ve been asked whether I would ever get into video production. I’m not interested in that, at this point. I am currently producing a radio show intended for syndication and Internet broadcast which would focus on nonduality in all its forms of expression.

My introduction of the genre Cinema Nondualite’ is being brought to life in an upcoming film festival.

I’m going to be involved more in transformative entertainment. I want to see radio, tv shows,and feature films with strong nondual themes.

As the nonduality continues to ooze through the streets, that ooze will take the shape of radio and tv airwaves, and film.

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