William Samuel book: free download

Sandy Jones, dedicated literary executor of William Samuel, writes:

…this might be a big help to those who are confused by William’s use of the word “God” in non-duality: William wrote a little booklet back in 1958 that explains through wonderful analogies the “non-dual” definition of “God”—As the story goes, William owned a little bakery and many would stop by to discuss “Truth” with him—He would always have to explain what he meant by the word “God” so he wrote this little booklet—He also wrote it for a California “Atheist Club” that would stop by his bakery twice a year on their way to and from Florida for the winter—They loved to talk to Bill and his “Absolute” metaphysics as they used to call “non-duality”.

The booklet is called Two Plus Two Equals Reality—I have it posted as a free PDF that can be downloaded (books section of his website: www.williamsamuel.com )—It is really a most amazing little book, although written in an old fashion kind of 1950’s Down South way—The Truth is the Truth—I have a feeling the ‘advaita’ gang would really like it, if they give it a chance.

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