Science and Nonduality Conference 2010

The Science and Nonduality Conference is being held October 20-24, 2010 in San Rafael, California. Early Bird tickets are $295. Click here to find out more and to buy tickets.

We’re going for a combination of professionalism, freshness, and diversity.

We’re pushing for people with nondual angles in business, ecofeminism, world music, literature, sex/romance/marriage/family, and a few other presentations involving incense, stage performers, and alternative lifestyles. Of course the bread and butter is the teachers of nonduality, including more female teachers next year.

Another important aspect is creating experiential and participatory opportunities.

The vision is for a combination of celebratory, educational, spiritual, beautiful, wondrous, participatory. And magical, because you never know who you might meet or what you might discover and experience.

Last year’s conference already had those qualities; they’re going to be kicked up a few notches. And like I said, the early bird ticket price is really good at $295 for a long weekend with events and talks scheduled throughout the day and evening.

The Science and Nonduality Conference, October 20-24, 2010, San Rafael, California. Release into the unknown.

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