A William Samuel Christmas

by William Samuel

At this moment it seems to me that we have a most important “mission.” It is to discover and live the Christ-Love we are that we may be found to be the comforter of this world of images that appears within the Selfhood that Awareness is. “As I be lifted up,” says the Christ, “all mankind shall be lifted likewise and drawn unto Me.”

We give the gift of Childlikeness to our world.We give the gift of unbounded joy. We give the gift of tenderness that warms the Heart and brings the soft breath of happiness, the tender touch and the unrestrained tear of gratitude. We tell the story of Identity. We tell the weary who they are. We show them the Kingdom of their heritage. We hand them their scepter and point to the limitless Light of Love which is their dominion. We look up and out and “show unto mankind his uprightness.” This is the Father’s business, so let us be at it.

This Christmas Season finds a New Star in the Heavens–this one to tell those with ears to hear of the New Jerusalem wherein there is neither sorrow nor darkness, nor age nor death.

The Holy City is already the fact, you know.

Isness is the totality of all Being within which there is nothing to make it dual, and we do not have to wait to see this fact!

While there presently appear to be an inside and an outside, a here and a not-here, a now and a not-now, all these things are only aspects of the Whole, the All—for which this Awareness “we” are is the activity. Mind (1) aware (2) of Itself (3) is a Holy Trinity to Itself. “Itself” knows these three are One Mind, One Love.

Well, this started out as a simple Christmas greeting. Don’t you forget that all the carols and bright lights, decorations and happy children are for you! Who else is the Christ?

Happy Christmas,
William Samuel (1970 )


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