Nonduality Blogs

I remember when there was nothing online about nonduality, except a few websites from Gurus. There were no regular people talking about nonduality. Well, these days nonduality is flowing in the streets. Still, there are billions of kitchen tables without glasses of nonduality juice upon them. Don’t worry, we have deliver men knocking on doors 24 hours a day.

Here’s a list of over a hundred blogs grounded in the teaching of nonduality. I list the blogs as I come across them. Let me know of your blog or if I’ve missed any:

The blogs of nonduality.

One thought on “Nonduality Blogs

  1. addpresence

    May I offer my nonduality/advaita poetry for this list? The poetry is written for people that do not normally find themselves drawn to poetry at all, and speaks in a way that invites the reader or listener towards wholeness through the struggles that we all contend with in everyday life.


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